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[gameplay] Level 30 Nodapatotitan

I used suchotator and dimodactylus
I used lethal wound from suchotator then used lethal wound from dimodactylus and killed it!

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I went with big chompers like allosino and gorgosuchus , worked really well


I wonder if a 26 thor could solo it. I was thinking bleeders but thor needs to earn his keep. Will venture out after work.

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yes but mine used declerating impact first

That’s what I was a little worried about.
It’s got 3 slowing moves so I thought a SIA wound after an initial bleed would’ve been a safer bet.

Gorgo would still work if you use: FS, CI, DSR (as long as it doesn’t priority bellow)

Or you could just go immune :star_struck:

[haha and thanks @anon32111043… I wanted to make sure it went down and stayed down :point_down:t4:]

I stacked Lethal Wound with Swoop into Dimodactylus’s Swap In Wound… poor fella never had a chance.


I sent out Allosino (17). Got defeated, so I sent in Monostego (16). When hp was low enough, finished off with Dracorex G2.

DNA wasn’t brilliant (5542 Diplo?! Why, Ludia, why?!), but I got a little T-Rex in there so I’m happy with the results.

By far one of the easiest strike towers imo, I used Trystonix (L17), Trex (L15), Allosinosaurus (L18) & Suchotator (L18). Started with Trystonix, R2C then followed by DSR, Titan KOs it. Out comes Suchotator, Bleed then swap to Allosinosaurus. Titan Dies. Good DNA pull, 276 Trex DNA :smile:

Used lvl 27 Spinotasuchus - bleed then swoop… knocked down…

One of nicest dna’s I got so far! Clap Clap Clap!!!


My level 24 Thor soloed it. DSI + crit DSR and Nodopatotitan was down.

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Same thing that I did, but made sure I swooped into my tryko

I got 22 sino and the rest koola… for my epics…
Did get touji for one of my rares

Level 24 suchotator. Bleed, nullify, then a simple hit. That was it.

I used my lv 19 Suchotator and my lv 19 Dimodactylus. Sucho went first with lethal wound then swapped to Dimo. Noda dead without losing a creature (Noda used Rampage followed by SS, so my Dimo survived :smile:).

Epic wise, got Ouranosaurus (147) and Baryonyx (157).

I soLoed it with my lvl 15 was so easy i got miragaia, majunga, Charlie,gorgo, Brachi (90),Rex(179)
Love the Rex DNA,since i miss literally ALL the attemps on epics and indoraptor because i was ill