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[gameplay] Level 30 Spinotasuchus Tower


No bleeding necessary… enjoy :popcorn:


Yey! No slug DNA! :snail::snail::snail:


100% bleed :rofl:


Awesome @Hersh! I started with Ankylocodon to absorb most of the damage, then Procerathomimus along with swapping in Dracorex to finish it off. What were everyone else’s strategies?


Haha, I got lucky this time @Alex_Dhir but …
You may have cursed @Perijoli though.
They got a bunch in their incubator right after you said that :grimacing: :zipper_mouth_face:

@Ned procerathomimus is a ton of fun on these single opponent towers! And ankylocodon is a complete beast leveled up, totally underrated Dino IMO. How’d your incubator turn out ?

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I used Proceratomimus and Blue. Both lvl 21.

They obliterated the poor, ugly Spinach. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I agree, Ankylocodon use to be a staple on my team! I received a lot of Pachy DNA, enough to create it actually. It looks like I might have to do some testing with him in battle soon.


Haha yeah… im going to blame that on @Alex_Dhir this time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Made it with Monostego and finished with Tenontorex.
Got crappy DNA tho tons of PteranodonY

If it has to be crap why not gimme Koolasuchus instead? :smiley:

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Sorry!! You can thank me when Skoola is released properly! :grin:


I did the same exact move set as you and won the same way. Thank you so much for sharing this! Hahah I’m laughing a ton how funny this is.


Think I cursed myself… got Maia and Bary :weary:


Oh looks like we had almost the same idea.


Procerathomimus 17
Ornithomimus 12
Dracorex 17

You can go with lower lvl, replace dracorex by dracorex gen 2 or dracoceratop for more damage, just need to calculate a bit or go with 2 swap in bleeders and an instant distraction dino like @Perijoli


I wish I had filmed mine (or even knew how to). Of the 6 or 7 hits spinota got on me, fully FIVE of them were crits. I have no idea how I survived.

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Damn I had an unlucky first attempt, had to spend 200 to retry.
Brought out Suchotator, but Spinotasuchus one-shotted with critical hit. Used Allosinosaurus to get 2 hits in before it died, then planned to get one hit in with IRex for a swap-in with Dracoceratops, but Spinotasuchus one-shotted IRex with critical hit.

Send attempt went fine as he did 2 regular hits with no crits.


I was silly and started with my magna thinking “it can’t bleed me AND I can take in pmact…” forgetting that it is a critical impact, so magna ate dirt pretty quickly.

Still not a difficult tower, because I took it out with tuora and monostego without losing another dino.


Any tips on which dinos i should use? I really don’t know what to do.


If you have Suchomimus and dimorphodon you can use them, only need lvl 1 because its the 25% swap in bleed you want.
And then just finish it off with your Velociraptor.


Lol I did exactly the same move set as you and won. Thanks for sharing this!!!

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Start with Velociraptor, swap immediately to Suchomimus, letting it die. Equip Velociraptor again and immediately swap to Dimorphodon. Equip Velociraptor for the 3rd time and use Pounce.

The two bleeders have stacked 75% Bleed by that time. A lvl 15 Velociraptor should be able to clean up the mess with Pounce.

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