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[gameplay] Level 30: Utarinex, Utasinoraptor & Darwinopterus


I made one bad move and it changed the course of the match … o well :man_shrugging:t4:
Enjoy :popcorn:


I don’t know that my 24 magna would survive, may start with it, swap in dracocera, regen and switch to stegod til it dies then indor or maybe green chicken. Thanks for posting :slightly_smiling_face:


I was actually expecting for my magna to die after Darwin’s hit (i’ll blame my poor math on my currently uncaffeinated state :sweat_smile:)

I think a 24 magna would probably be knocked out that round though. But you’ll still get a hit in on rinex, and if you follow with rampage…
You’ll do a done of damage on Darwin when it swaps in


Thanks for the video… not sure if my team will make it or not though I’m not going to be upset if I don’t… 3 fast level 30 dinos… I’m just hoping that I can at least kill 2 of the 3 and possibly get lucky on the 3rd…


I almost won! (me (lvl 21 erlidom) vs 3647 health utasino,) (2 down vs 2 down) erlidom dodged the crit impact (battle intensifies) but utasino instant charge hit through cloak the next turn, I lost. :frowning: Still knocked down 2 dinos though! :grinning:


From what you said I figured you’d lost. Great battle…although I’m very much NOT excited about trying it myself…


Nicely done Hersh. Don’t think my little dinos would stand a chance. Will likely give it a shot though and see if I get extremely lucky with RNG.

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Hmm, well… Your indo has a level on mine, and the stegod 2 levels. My Magna is only 22, though I could level to 23 right now. (But I was saving coins for leveling something else.)

I need to find another that can do the job. Spino can’t put out the damage to incoming Darwin, assuming it’s distracted from Rinex.


Well, I managed to get lucky and win…

indoraptor - 23
utasinoraptor - 22
indominus - 20
dracoceratops - 21

Banked heavily on cloak and evasive stance RNGs and it paid off… still thankful that I was lucky with RNG this time around…

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Did you start with Indominus? If yes, did swap in counted as turn and you take out Darwin?


Did it 2 times. Hope this can help some players formulate a better strategy.

1st try:

2nd try:


I tried twice and it beat me both times right on the last dinosaur. Tough battle.


Yes, Darwin was the first dino taken out after the swap…

Indominus was able to take out 2 dinos due to RNG being so nice to me for this strike…

after re-reading what you asked… I still had to wait for darwin to attack normally… the swap did not count as a turn… I cloaked, darwin was swapped in… then darwin attacked, then I killed him at that moment…


Maybe you would have won the first time with shield to kill utasino with stegod no ?


Went as planned and won it with Diloracheirus lvl 21 (created on friday), Stegodeus lvl 24, Indoraptor lvl 25 and Dracocera lvl 17. :grinning:
DNA wasn’t that bad except Alanqua.


Wow I made it :sunglasses:

Started with level 22 stegedeus then level 18 proceratominus to finish with Indominus rex.
Must say that I was lucky with the evasive stance.

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I beat it with lvl 23 Stego, 24 Trag, 25 Indo, and 22 Draco. Started with Stego, then Indo, lastly Trag and finished off with Draco


I tried to get clever and lost my L24 magna, L29 spinotasuchus, and my L28 stegod. Did it again and my L30 indo took out all three…


Well, for what I can see, those of us mere mortals with no high level uniques will have to rely on luck on this one.


Started with indominus(20) took out Darwin. One hit on utah, swap draco (20) killed, used indo(23) and won. Lucky with evasive