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[gameplay] Lord Lynthronax


Lost my first attempt :sweat_smile: walked into quite a surprise with this tower. Here’s round 2. Enjoy :popcorn:


Did you know it was going to use Long Invincibility?


Lol nope… I just new Tryostronix was gunna die the next hit and wanted at least some damage done before I lost my first dino :sweat_smile:


Well played Hersh , although I’m not sure you would have managed it without the crit from Thor !


That’s why I put it on the team :grin:
Love that 40% crit rate :heart_eyes:


I got my ass kicked the first time, don’t think I even took 1500 health off between my whole team. :grin: Brought in the rat for the second try.

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I managed to beat this - level 22 Thor (no crit off impact,) turn 1 got killed by counter
Turn 2, level 21 tryko came out. I used dss, tryko (crit)! Lythronax used nullifying. Counter did not crit. Turn 3, I hoped it would use long invincibility and it actually did!!! I used DSR (no crit). Got killed by counter. Turn 4, I sent in indoraptor then switched to Dracoceratops for the win!!! :grin::grin:
This was also on my 8th attempt. :joy:


Got real lucky on this one. Notice the x2 Null Strike used instead of it’s much more powerful skills.

Tried this trick on my wife’s account 10 fails. Her’s is Lvl21 Thor, Lvl21 Tryko, Lvl23 Stegod and Lvl19 Draco-rat

Edit: almost got it on my wife’s account but her rat is not strong enough. So if u hv a higher lvl one that can do 1.9-2k damage can try it. At 2,5,10 a pop is pretty worth it

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that was fun.


Lvl 26 T-Rex… my roster is not even close to endgame


was a fun project leveling up trex when it was plentiful. someday ill finish it.


@TheMaxx id love to see your trex in action against lord lyth.

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I decided to use some different tactics after a “few” failing attempts. I noticed that Lord Lythro got confused with Diplotator. :wink: My winning team: Diplot 30, Indo 26, Dracocera 22 and Tryko 21.


nice inc bro. i was yelling for you to swap in draco before indo died haha. good job

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I started with T-Rex and hoped for a crit but didn’t get one. Then i just did a double swap in to finish it with d2 and DC. I’m gonna upload the video soon. I really wanted T-Rex to do some damage in that first attack.


Here’s my T-Rex in action versus Lord