[Gameplay] Lvl 30, 2x Spinosaurus


I went the cautious route and just put a bunch of inmunes on the squad. Pretty happy with the prizes too :partying_face:


Odd, I cant find one to try. Been driving for 20 min and nothing but the white/gold tower with the low level dinos. My game may be bugged.

Edit - yep heading home, no epic towers anywhere. Weird.

I beat this Tower pretty easily but I did have one odd thing happen. On the last turn spino used strike then the bleed damage kicked in and criticaled, or at least said critical… The damage seemed the same but it was still curious

Did it with :

  • Monolophosaurus lvl 15
  • Procerathomimus lvl 18
  • Indominus Rex lvl 20
  • Tryostronix lvl 18
  • Luck lvl 30

Spino Gen 2 came First in front of my Mono

Mono : Distracting Strike
Spino G2 : Rampage

Mono dead :expressionless:

Proceratho came after

Proceratho : Instant Discract
Spino G2 : Lethal Wound
Proceratho : Evasive Stance
Spino G2 : Rampage

Proceratho dead without any damage made :expressionless:

Indominus enter the battle

Indom : Cloak
Spino G2 : Strike

Cloak didn’t worked :cold_sweat:

Spino G2 : Strike

Cloak worked :hot_face:

Indom : Armor Piercing Rampage

Spino G2 dead

Spino came in the battle then Striked Indo which stayed alive

I swap for Tryostronix

Spino : Lethal Wound
Tryo : Ferocious Strike
Spino : Strike
Tryo (with a very little bit of health) : Defense Shattering Rampage

Spino DEAD :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Epic Prices Ourano and Spino G2…oh wait :expressionless:


:rofl: :+1:


I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much irri dna from one incubator!

It was definitely a pleasant surprise! :grin:
Hopefully we have an irri event coming soon too! :santa:t4:


Yeah I finally got pyrri up to level 20 and did my first fuse for magna a few days ago, can’t imagine getting her within a month without an event


Might want to watch the first vid. Completed with 2 lvl 15 and 2 lvl 20 dinos

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Did it with :
Monolophosaurus lvl 14
Utahraptor lvl 15
Dimorphodon lvl 1
Spinotahraptor lvl 11

I was lucky they didn’t crit me though :smiley:


Diloracheirus lvl 21 and Tryo lvl 23 did it for me.
DNA was garbage.

25 Suchotator and 23 Erlidom were plenty for this one.

28 dilorach: distract
spinog2: rampage
28 dilorach: greater stun rampage takes out spinog2
28 dilorach: rampage and run too magna on spino
spino: gashing wound
magna: nullify, only needed 1500 damage

This was really easy. L20 Indominus and a L22 Indoraptor finished it with no casualties.

Didn’t do it yet but I will try a team of epic I think just to change a bit

28 Tryo soloed it, kinda surprised me. No useful dna though…

Well that went horribly. Any suggestions for the mid-level 18 to 20 crowd?

Easy one with Diplotator 30 and Procerathomimus 21.

Unreal incubator.

Woo-whoo saurus

and 20 Monomimus.

Despite the legendary, pretty much all blah.

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