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[gameplay] Lvl 30 Postimetrodon Epic Tower


Enjoy and share yours too!:popcorn:

For a more thorough (and just plain better) guide, check out @MNBrian ‘s Metahub article: :grin:


Concavenator :rofl::rofl: I had my money on Koola. Good vid :+1:

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Spinota and Mono were very interesting choices since their main move sets are bleed and distracting so they wouldn’t effect immune creatures. Were you thinking more about the first turn rampage on those?

Great video btw. It is great to see a different variety of mid-level dinos that people can use.

Goal #1: get rid of the ferocious buff
Goal #2: deliver a first turn rampage and/or crit

(While still picking middle level dinos faster than 124 :grimacing:)

There’s been time I dedicated to this thing…


A level 16 Tany may also work. APS first turn and then nullify second turn after the FS. As long as it doesn’t crit on FS, Tany should survive for the 2nd hit.


Haha Yup, It was originally on my list too!!
If I wasn’t gunna put indoraptor as my safety Dino, Tany would’ve been my 4th

I’m thinking of using some high speed and high damage output dinos such as Pyrritator and Tanycolagreus. Maybe I could “swap in” a Dracorex Gen 2 on my team as well! What are all of your thoughts and strategy for the Postimetrodon Strike?


Pyrri is great too!
As long as it’s leveled enough to survive the 18XX first ferocious strike and it can give 2 rampages before dying!


I did similar just now, I went packed with this:

Pyrritator lvl 18
Velociraptor lvl 19
Dracorex Gen 2 lvl 15
Stegodeus lvl 19

Only needed the first 2.
Pyrritator did 2 pounces.
Velociraptor 1 pounce, it was dead.

Had the Dracorex Gen 2 incase i needed to do a desperate swap-in.

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I was thinking of going with Lvl 21 Dilo with Lvl 21 DracG2.

Start with dilo and use DS for 1137, survive the first hit from Posti, then use rampage and run for 2274, and get the swap in SR for another 1788 before Posti can even get a second attack.

That would do 5199 total damage. Just have to survive the first hit from Posti in the Dilo.

I can’t get over how much I love dinos with distracting like Mono that yells at em to death lol. Thanks Hersh!


Used dilorach and just strike>hit&run chained into a swap in draco g2. Dead posti

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What level Dilorach?

28, but u could easily do it with a much lower one. He was only left with 309 hp for draco to swap into

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So that gives alot of room to work with a lower dilorach for sure. Especially if u have a higher level draco g2, mine is only 15

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A level 21 Dilo will leave posti with 1694 Hp left when it swaps out. So your drac Gen 2 just has to be able to finish it off from there.

This all depends on posti not getting a crit on its first hit, and not using priority regen in round 2.

I was thinking of going with L24 Dilorach - hadn’t thought about combining it with L21 Draco G2 - I do love that combo move :slight_smile: Will stick in L26 Indoraptor and L27 Stegodeus as back-up :smile:

Did you give in and decide to actually level it?

Yea just to make dracocera for collection purposes. It was my only non unique (besides diplodocus) that was left to create. Felt weird with it just sitting there uncreated lol