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[gameplay] Ptero duo epic strike

Indo and Thor did it for me in todays epic strike. DNA nothing special.


Hmmm thanks for the preview. I planned my team based on them doing swap-in on first move. May have to rethink.

I used Indoraptor, and Suchotater.

I almost did it alone with Utasinraptor level 20:

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Got it on the retry.

I was thinking indor and thor too, but going to start with thor. Thanks for posting!

I used procera 20, Indo 21 and monostego 21. Got seco and anky DNA

It’s funny how these strike towers with the lvl 30 dinos are often toughest on the first try but if you pay cash to do it again, the computer suddenly gets dumber and you can win easier than your first attempt. The last two gold strike towers from previous event days where I lost on the first try suddenly became easy on the second attempt despite making zero changes to my team.


So I took them out with:
Suchotator lvl 19
Allosino lvl 20
Dracoceratops lvl 21

DNA highlights were:

4343 Dracorex Gen 2 YEAH BABY RAT IS GROWING
86 Ankylosaurus
245 Monolophosaurus

The rest were meh.


I got a bunch of kapro, dg2, stygi and mono. Prayed for 25 Anky, but maybe next time. Tryko is being really patient waiting on the 10 fuse to level 22.

Level 25 Thor almost soloed it. Got a hit on Alanqa and one shot Pteranadon when it swapped in. Then used IC on Alan before bringing in Dracocera to clean up.

Got Majunga, Ophiocodon, Koola Gen 2, Tenonto (really the only good thing), Brachi, and Stygi.

Hmm i really don’t know what to do, what would you try if you had this team?

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The real-time BGM was a nice try😂

Sorry I’m late to this @Dinotris

AI likes the Alanqa rampage to swap on turn 2 like most folks reported.
Movesets for folks interested:
Alanqa: Rampage, Long Invinc., Rampage or Rampage, SS
Pteranodon: Nullify Impact, Impact & Run

Damage Stats:


@Matteo, you’re going to need something with ID moves and swap in bleeders are probably going to be your best bet at your level. Do you not have suchotator ingredients? Knowing the swap happens at turn two you can take advantage of that, swap to a faster swap in bleeder than Pteranodon such as dimorphodon.

Turn 1, first Dino must have Instant Distraction (suchotator is a nice one but there are others you can use not sure what else you have on your team) so ID on first turn against Alanqa Rampage
Turn 2, swap to Dimorph will set 0.25x bleed on Ptera, then you can do the gashing wound additional for 0.3x (dimorph is sacrificed).
Turn 3, ID dino again, use Instant Distraction Ptera should die
Turn 4, swap to dimodactylus/darwinopterus when Alanqa returns (set 0.25x bleed) and sacrified
Turn 5 (hoping Alanqa does long invincibility) you can use Suchotator to set in lethal wound
Turn 6 Watch Alanqa die after using ID again

I didn’t run the numbers but that method should work (I was able to do my takedown with 15 suchotator and 20 ankyn because I wanted to drag out the game as long as I could)

P.S. You should invest into the staple dino at the rare tier, Suchotator. It’s very useful for low level strategy and you’ll even see it up at the top of the arenas as well. Ingredients are the easiest to obtain and fuse.

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L20 Utahsinoraptor distracted, then crit.
Finished with L18 Spinotasuchus

Yep…just got worked twice and not even a low level player. These strike towers are bs when somehow you have no chance of winning. Great way to ruin the game

Not even to mention the draco in battle. Not since in battling anymore in a game where its geo friendly and I see a draco about as much as an epic. Ludia can suck a fart out of a cow’s anus and hold it

Bled them dry with Sucho, Dimorph and Dimodact

DNA was a disappointment to say the least. Top DNA I got was 56 Brachi. All that worrying for that DNA?? :rofl:

Oh well, thanks for the advice on the strike everyone. Worked like a charm.

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