Gameplay question


ok so i love both dinos and pokemons so i play jwa and pogo together. pogo is more boring to my taste because of its weird fight mechanics and after you have all pokemons you can get it becomes repetitive but it has high nostalgic value for me so i keep playing it. however while jwa is more fun, it doesnt reward you for walking as the game is open (to my knowledge at least). while in pokemon go there is eggs which open with walking and buddy pokemon and stuff. so my routine is i open jwa, check if there is anything interesting, then go back to pogo and walk for a few mins with it and after that i open jwa back. then repeat. is there any benefit for walking with the app open? if not, do you think there should be? honestly i think incubators opening hourly is better than eggs hatching by walking but jwa can reward us with some other stuff i believe


Like frequently popping up dinos you wouldn’t notice otherwise. It’s the only reason right now to keep it imo all the way open. You could still use gotcha for pogo.


are the pop up dinos :

  1. hard to say with ludia adjusting spawns just yet.
  2. found a good amount of epics this way so far.

Or the other way around…


oh wow so jwa it is i guess. thanks a lot :slight_smile:


It’s what I’m doing : pogo is in background and if it crashes it’s okay. I keep jwa open to get the local spawn I got plenty epic this way (mostly T-rex)


edit: i have been walking around 2 kms with jwa open and never get any local spawns except for 2 common paras.


Sometimes in certain locations, you’ll see a lot of good creatures spawn. The other day I got 3 rare Spinosaurus in my neighborhood. Other days in the same location, the spawns aren’t so great.

I just recently picked up playing POGO, and generally, I agree with your tactic of swapping between the two apps unless you’re seeing a lot of good spawns in JWA …but yeah, maybe Ludia will incorporate more walking incentives in future updates.


lets hope so (20 character limit)


I do pretty much the same thing.
Sure Dino’s sometimes randomly appear once you’re at close range but usually I’ll take that risk and PoGo.