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[Gameplay] Saint Patrick Strike

I know that it’s less impressive than the all unique lvl 30 tower but I put it here anyway ^^



This was very helpful, thank you.

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Glad it helped you ^^

I’ve shared it with the alliance. It helps to see dinosaurs that aren’t all uniques and 25+.


Thank you!! I hope others post too!

Thanks Pepito. Great help.
My team : Suchotator lvl 20, Dracoceratops lvl 20, Indoraptor lvl 23 & my new unique Ellidominus lvl 22 (managed to up to lvl 22 with 5 attempts).

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Thank u i win it but with indo 24 (Lucky he take 1,5X indo)


Unfortunately I took it on wrong and the AI also changed strategies part way through. Lost this one… Shouldn’t have, but did. :disappointed_relieved:

Did not try again as the incubators are not usually worth $200.

This one is imo. This is a st. Patrick incubator, so limited to the event dinos.

What the AI did ?

I haven’t seen any of this strike yet, just the level 30s. But if I find one, I have these dinos at approximately this level so I’ll give it a go. Thanks as always @Pepito_Aie!

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Well done.

I did this strike with:
Utasino 17, Trago 24, Dracocera 21, Erlidom 22 (woot)
Distracting Impact, Instant Charge
Trago Mops up with Rampage
Superiority Strike
Swap to Draco
Draco survives Cleansing, uses Stun, Rampage, Regen
Erlidom Rampages for win

Also fluked the level 30 with:
Sucho 20, Spino 19, Dracocera 21, Erlidom 22
Sucho died (but could have survived if not crit).
The luck begins:
Erlidom Cloak + Strike & Run, (dodged the DSR but not the counter), bleed finishes Tryko
Spino Lethal wounds Diloracheirus
Swap to Dracocera, Dilo bleeds out
Erlidom vs Indom, Cloak + Rampage for the win (second dodge).

I had ~37% chance of success so quite lucky.

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Going to try lvl 30 unique too with lots of luck. I’m counting on tryko not to crit on his first strike and my monostego stun and crit x)

Very good job Pepito ! I just got the same incubator XD ! Are you french ?

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Yep, reunion island ^^

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Hails from south of France, dinolover from over the sea :slight_smile: !

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A bit late but better late then never :joy: