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[Gameplay] Sinoceratop strike - 05.17.19

Hi everyone, heres my try for today epic strike. This was my 2nd try but it went almost exactly the same way the first time. Just did a mistake where trike used stunning strike instead of impact and didnt kill dimodactylus so I got stun at the end with thor.

My team:

Suchotator 22
Dimorphodon 10
Scaphognathus 10
Thor 24 (boosted tier 2 for hp, tier 3 for speed and dmg)



Got one ready to go but now windows wants to update lol. Don’t know why I even bother anymore.

I used boosted L30 Suchotator (tier 5 health & attack, tier 3 speed), and boosted L29 Spinotasuchus (tier 5 health, 4 attack, 3 speed). Only lost Suchotator. Had boosted Thor & Tryko ready but didn’t need them. Good incubator, plus this to top it off!


Wish I could have gotten legendary DNA, I only got some trashy DNA for dinos I don’t use. But the 600 Sino I got is awesome.


Here is my second attempt with boosted dinos. First time lost with unboosted. Got nice rare DNA.


Are there any unboosted strategies for the Lvl. 20 area?

I tried to find something without boost but failed to do it … that’s why I had to use boosted thor for an almost “bulletproof” plan…

Indominus Rex works really well, set up cloak then use Rampage to mess them up. Dracocera and Suchotator both work and a high level Purrutaurus.

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What should I use?

I don’t have Erlidominus but does it have immunity?

Yessir but no shield/armor breaking.

I’d say use Indominus Rex, Suchotator and Tryostronix. Keep Indoraptor as back up.

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Why not Purataurus? It can do some stuff to dinos that only have attacking moves.

They all have stuns moves at turn 2…

Well, if you have it at a good level then yeah use it. I used mine at level 14 but I boosted it to all tier 5 besides speed for strike towers.

I’m also open to boosting up some. Not too high for Allosino tho, cause I wanna boost my non-existent Thor when I get him.

As a revenge killer…

This was my first master strike I won so it felt good. This also was a plus


Ludia is dumping Sinoceratops dna on you all like a waterfall.

That’s good, I need it. I have Utahsino and Allosino on my team so it’s hard splitting between them when I do get some.