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[Gameplay] Sinoceratop strike - 05.17.19


Bit late to the party but I tried to do it with out loosing a Dino, this was the result…


I got it on my first try too. All non-boosted.
I used lvl 16 Suchotator
16 Monomimus
14 Dimodactylus
18 Indominus rex
No luck involved.

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No luck ? With indominus?

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Anything that could take one hit from the Einiosaurus would have worked, I chose my Indom out of personal preference.

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@Marbo that can interest you


Oh ok , you dont actually use him so. Really nice. Didnt have time to think about using monomimus :disappointed:

Can we have the details please? I’m curious


Of course.
Lethal wound
Swap in dodge
Distracting impact
Swap in wound
Lethal wound
(Dimodactylus gets KO’d by Triceratops)
Nullifying impact
Lethal wound
(Suchotator gets KO’d by Einio)
Bring in last creature, take a hit and then use swap in dodge again or take Einio out directly if you can


Great job. Really well thought. Dimo can get crited though but it’s really well plan


Yup, that’s the only thing to worry about

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L24 Magna (5/5/4) took out Sino and severely damaged Tricera; L30 Suchotator (3/3/3) used superiority strike to finish it off and then bled Einia while avoiding damage using distraction. I can see Ludia adding boosts to the L30 strike teams soon.


I’ve evened it out with getting 10 DNA per Uthasino hybridization 7 times in a row.
In total, got 80 Uthasino DNa for 400 Sinoceratops I’ve got. Couldn’t move it up one evel -.-


Dont give them any ideas! I’m not ready for boosted level 30 bosses. lol :grimacing::persevere::open_mouth:


If they put a 3rd one again , they can put a boosted one and leave one “easy” epic strike tower and one with 3 lvl 30 non boosted .


We already know they can do 4 creatures, defeat 3 … think that will come first


If they do end up doing boosted creatures in strike towers, maybe they could do common ones, rares, and then eventually epics? I thought this was going to happen when the boost strike towers were first introduced. Maybe that can still happen?


Boost towers should have boost dinos imho


Im sure they are coming. Probably sooner then we realize. :wink:

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Swoop to DC