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[gameplay] Stygimoloch Epic Tower


Decided to just goof around on this one but here’s my gameplay for today’s tower … any set of strong chompers should do, but watch out for those impact & runs!

And Merry Christmas All! :christmas_tree: :gift:


Close but nice recovery.


Lol, me being too bold for my own good :man_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile:


This was a close one. Nicely played. :grin:
Great that you got Ourano.

So it will use Instant Charge second. That way Blue should survive even crit hit. Plan to use Tany and Deinocheirus and Stegodeus for safety net. :grin::grinning: Just wanted to make sure they have 3647 hp.


You pulled that one out of left field. Looks like I’m gonna start with Thor! Sucks you only got 33 duck L’orange tho…


Hoping tryo and thor can do it :slightly_smiling_face: happy holidays!


i did it with spinotosuchus, dioraj and deus. didnt lose any


GG. Mr hersh

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Made mistake in calculations. Blue needs to be lvl 17 to survive Impact and run from Stygi. So went to plan B and finished it with Stegodeus.


Always gotta have a Plan B :sweat_smile:

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Did both with a Trago level 24


Is long invincibility glitch-free now ? (If you ended up using it)


I used Stegodeus opened with Thagomizer and then Stigi used Instant stun but then he got another turn and used impact and run. I don’t understand why it wasn’t my turn again? The same thing happened in @Hersh video but Hersh got the next attack. I still won this battle anyway but I just can’t see why this happened? I definitely used Thag and not Ss. Has this happened to anyone else or do you know why it wasn’t my shot. As I said Hersh video does the same move unless there is a difference between decelerating impact and Thagomizer that I’m not aware of and Hersh gets stunned also but he still gets the next move.

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Yes the glitch seems to be fine now , both the long invincibility and the stun .

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Here my attempt, pretty lucky with crit. The rewards was not that great again. Just teno and coins.


It was a good guide Pepito. I started with velo, than dracorex, than allosino and finished with velo

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Thank you, glad my video can help people or at least inspired them to beat those epic tower. Personally I wanted to use my rajakylosaurus :grin:


I didn’t notice this until now, but In the list of forum topics, on this topic, on where it shows the 5 most frequent posters, the first 4 (including you @Hersh) spells HISS. :joy::joy:
Since I posted just now, it’s not HISS anymore, it’s HIS. :joy:

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Haha I did this with the Christmas Stockings at Target last week… I may have spelled something with them that breaks the forums terms & conditions tho :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:t4: