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[gameplay] Supreme counter epic strike


Gambled little bit, but won. :grin:


Enjoy :popcorn:


Suchotator, Dracoceratops and Tryko did the job easily.


Man, I need those DNA’s Hersh!


Lol, which ones bro? I got you!
I can send you as much grey goose you need, been stocking up in Diloph as well!

The mission: Get @Arnold a diloracheirus :white_check_mark:

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Actually I was talking about myself when I do the strike. But always need the Dilo :joy:


Pretty straightforward. Just crunched some numbers and went with the first thing that worked for me.

Murder chicken SS, Ourano SS
Murder chicken GSR, stun did NOT work (of course), Ourano GSR to assassinate the murderer.
Indo to CI and finish off Ourano
Indo DSR on Concav, Concav countered and used shield
Just to end it instead of playing with evade, I brought in Jumbo Rat to win.

Unused: Tryko.

Got Kentro and Sino in the inc. Finally. Worth. It.

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This one was pretty ez.

Spinotahsuchus start Bleed Ourano
Ourano SS
Spinotahsuchus dies Ourano GSR (or GSI I forgot which one)
Nightmare Chicken comes in Ramps
Ourano Dies
Concave comes
Nightmare Chicken Cloaks (fails) Concave DSI
Nightmare Chicken one shots with rampage.

Got Erlikosaurus & Rajasaurus DNA.

Didnt use: Stegod & Dracoceratops


Thanks all.
Won with my team :
Ellidominus lvl 22
Indoraptor lvl23
Suchotator lvl 21
Dracoceratop lvl 22.
Didn’t used Dracoceratop.


I won with the help of erildom 22, spinota 20 , procera20 and tryo21( didn’t use).


Check out this article guys, I think y’all will find it interesting. :wink: Enjoy!!!

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Low Level Bleed Strategy:

13 Suchotator minimum, lethal wound on Ourano
Swap to any swap in bleeder for sacrifice (ourano and swap in dies)
Put out any dino temporarily for concavenator, swap to dimorph (9), hoping concavenator doesn’t crit with 5% on short defense
Dimorph set gashing wound, dies, concavenator has 693 health left with a shield
To finish it all any dino that can pounce 1400 or nullifier damage of 700 or return suchotator and do ID and watch concavenator bleed to death (only if suchotator didn’t get crit by ourano can you return it)


Anyone have any suggestions for the 20 and under crowd? I tried starting with Suchotator and it didn’t end well and 2 bleeders and it didn’t end well.

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Yes please.


@Pepito_Aie do you have any thoughts on how lower level dinos can do it? I feel guilty saying my 28 Thor soloed it with 2100ish hp’s left.


getting mine uploaded rn


Here it is. Level 12 and under suchotators,
after you swap in Dimorphodon, if ourano doesn’t die, bring in suchotator and go for nullifying impact - sucho is faster than both dinos.


Omgggggggg I actually did it! I didn’t think I was gonna make it so I didn’t record the Tower :confounded:

I used this team:

Suchotator (19)

Tyrannolophosaur (18)

Utahsinoraptor (18)

Indominus Rex (21) (didn’t use her)

Alright, so Orano came out and I took out my Sucho.

Leathal Wound > Superiority Strike

Orano begins to bleed. I used Instant Distraction next. She hit me with the Stunning Rampage, and I survive, but I’m unfortunately stunned… however, she continues to bleed out. I then let her kill me with the Impact and Run; she still has health yes, but literally just above 1200 HP.

Concavanator comes out. Now I pull out my Tyranolophosaurus. I used Distraction Strike to survive a little longer, and Conca uses Short Defense. I throw out my rampage, and it actually crits her!

Less than 300 HP now. Conca kills Tyranolophosaurus.

I pull out my Utahsinoraptor. Kill the Conca, and with less than 1200 Hp left, she kills Orano with Distraction Impact.


Unfortunately, the only notable DNA worth mentioning is literally the Epics: Anky and Kentro. I know right? In the same Incubator? UNHEARD OF!



I think @anon44209425 gave us a solution ^^ didn’t do it yet personally but I think I will go with suchotator a sia bleeder , sucho again and another dino ^^

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I received ankyntro dna, pleasant surprise.

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