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[gameplay] Valentine’s Day Tower

Just recorded the last 2 battles…nothing that should be too challenging for most. Enjoy :popcorn:


I should’ve recorded my attempt. Made all the way, only ever losing a Max of one dino, and most of the battles I didn’t lose any.

Hmm, looks difficult for a lower level player like me but i’ll try :sweat_smile:

Play smart and you got this!

Holy critfest, Batman! :sunglasses:

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Any tips on what dinosaurs/ strategy should I use?


It wasn’t too hard, but no Sino DNA.

I tried and I’m SO MAD that I lost, I was so close!!! :rage:


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Almost beat it with

-17 Indominus
-15 Rex
-11 Alanqua
-15 Velociraptor

But I got unlucky with my dodges and Indominus took a Rampage to the face from the enemy Indominus and was then killed…I was so close.

Any ideas for what can be a better option? Top row is the four mentioned above.

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