Gameplay worth sharing


@TheMaxx @Stiffeno @Calebrys @wrothgar @CleverBoy & everyone else!

I figured we could use a dedicated thread to share fun battles that players have recorded…

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Thanks @hersh :slight_smile: This motovates me to be better, and to try to get some vids up more consistently. Would love to know what folks want to see.

Gg btw, you got me good!


Thanks! Right back at you… haha I was on the edge of my seat for the whole battle. That green chicken of yours is a force to be reckoned with!


I really like this idea, a try before you buy approach to dino shopping lol. Upper level creatures means more experienced players which we can learn from. Thanks and keep em coming!


Glad you captured that, thanks for sharing!


I love watching others battle!!! Great thread!!!


A type of video request.

I would love to see some high scoring dart videos. I’m so bad at that part of the game. Really would like to learn.


One of the few videos that I posted on my yt so far :grin: Max darting the lovey sino.


Sometimes you win:


Lets try this again…

Sometimes you win:

Sometimes you lose:


If that was you in the video when your tragodistis had the shield up. Instead of stunning you should have used superiority strike then stun the next turn. Would have gave you an extra attack if the stub hit like it did when you had the shield up. Using the stun then basically stopped the attack twice bc the shield was already doing that.


Thanks! Great point. Im stull trying to learn trago. Debating whether i want him full time on my team.

I appreciate the advice!


Yeah trago has a bit of a learning curve. I’ve always had him on my team since the ingredients are common in my town. I like playing him against Stegodeus. Can usually cripple a Stegodeus to where my next dino kills it in one shot.


I love watching battles from other players of all ranks and levels. I’m glad to see more JWA content coming out from everyone because it felt like youtube was almost dead when it comes to JWA. I’ll subscribe to you all because I flip through videos while I’m battling and waiting 6 minutes for a match, haha. This is the most popular video on my channel right now.


I’ve always had mine on the team bc the ingredients are common here. I like playing it against Stegodeus. Has the capability of getting a stego very low and making easy clean up for next dino.


I wish I could dart a Sino like that. I don’t think I’ve even hit 200 on one yet. I die inside a little every time I screw up on darting one of those hard to find beasts.


Well, tried twice to share some vids and twice it got hidden. Gg me, lol.


The system will always hide vids at first but usually once they’re reviewed, they get posted right away. It’s kindof annoying but I guess it makes sense. I’m sure it will pop up here soon.


Same here. They’ve been hiding my videos every time I try to post one since last night. One will pop up above my previous comment once they approve it. They used to just go right through for me.


would honestly be cool to see some battles from arena 4-6 now to see what is going on there. i see enough indoraptor, monomimus, stegodeus as it is.