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Gameplay worth sharing


Opponents tryostronix health: 2047
@Ardens monosteg impact: 2048
Lol, that worked out perfectly :laughing::boom:


SO pleasing!!
I’ve been -1 many times on dino dna, coins, cash… it’s nice to be +1 for once :relieved:


GG @Pocemon :grinning:


An hour of mediocrity in the life of a jwa player :slight_smile:


First match of S4
Kinda chillin for the first few days, then I’ll dive into the Tournament.


A couple of fresh video



Fun friendly battle, forgive any mistakes on either side, was for fun after all :slight_smile:


Now this is how I like to start a game @wrothgar :star_struck:


Whoa!! It was on fire!!!


I’d be pissed haha have those same 3 dinos at same level too.


I know right!!!
Hahah and then spinota that’s actually supposed crit decides not too :man_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile:


Geez, dude, your Indoraptor was out for blood :joy:


Haha it came out of the gates hungry!! :boom:


Nice one @Hersh


Shouldn’t have won this one:


On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy were you to one shot a green chicken :joy::joy::joy:




I can’t even think of a number to reflect that :sweat_smile:



Could just imagine you shouting ‘die! die! die!’ at your phone :joy: