GamePress 1.13 Community Tier List Vote

Hey everyone! So we have already started working on the official GamePress 1.13 Tier List :scream:
Or the QuaranTier list as we are affectionally calling it haha.

While we are in discussions, we are also going to conduct the community tier list vote at the same time. So make sure you check it out and get your vote in. We will close it when we release ours and publish the results soon after that.

This also includes a section to suggest nicknames for the new creatures that will be used in the JWA Field Guide App!

Make sure to share with your friends and alliances as well!


Gosh. i’m no good with this. i haven’t tried them out equal level no boost yet. :sweat_smile:

If mammolania isn’t high tyrant I will be so confused.


Definitely a tyrant dino. now the real question is if Stunners will be enough to keep it low tyrant. probably not.

Eh, you won’t see much stunners in the arena. I guess sarcorixis might have a chance to beat mammolania?

It can stall out that PFS with an imobilize.
maybe Paramoloch if it can get the stun lock going.

No, I don’t think paramoloch could stand a chance, it doesn’t have much DMG and it would have to suffer that 30% armor.

coulda sworn she had GSR. guess i was wrong. yeah. para is out.

I mean, Baryonyx stands a chance if it can get that 80% crit, sucks to see that thing get bullied all the time when it can stand a chance against one of the most OP creatures in the game.

If not Sarcorixis, then maybe Grypolyth. It can stall with Immobilize, break through defenses with its basic strike, and the rending counter will be the hero thanks to Mammolania’s high health. Even if Turtle Rhino doesn’t get killed by Grypolyth, I’m pretty sure it’ll be at least wounded to the point where it’ll be manageable.

T1 Pfs, rc dss/lp
T2: Imobolize
T3: Pfs, Regen Rc
T4: DF
Dead grypo

High tyrant isn’t high enough for Bowser lol
We need an Ascended tier or something

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Everyone should vote for Mayo for Meiolania’s nickname :grin:

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How about diplovenator in low tyrant?

nop (10 characters)

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Lol nah

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Why not? I think is its move to be in low tyrant

my question is does nemys move down to low tyrant or stay as high. i don’t think the damage nerf actually did much.

there’s way too many immune creatures up there for a 3/4 distracting creature

sure, the precise counter and the definite strike will come handy but unless your opponent can’t cleanse, doesn’t have armor, can’t distract or isn’t immune those big distracting attacks won’t deal that much of an impact on the opponent

About to say something, but can’t*

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