Gamepress 1.8 Community Tier List

I don’t know how many find the tier lists useful but I know I do - do you disagree with any of the placements this time round? Of course you do :wink: Well nows the chance to have your say …


IMO, Utasinoraptor should be Tyrant. That little thing is so frustrating! :tired_face:


Funnily enough, that was one of the hotly debated ones in 1.7. We have a lot of people on the #utasinofortyrant cause

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#utasinofortyrant indeed!

Doesnt have health enough for that. +5000 is full utarinex working way better than that armored bird

Utasino >>> Rinex and Tenontorex

Remove 1 point ai Utasino speed and questions will disappear.

I was a bit baffled with Tentonto as Tyrant. I’ve got mine to L25 with a few boosts, and it doesn’t usually beat anything. Occasionally it does wipe a whole team out, but its rare.

Agree … only time I see Tenonto is when its next creature in is mopping up the arena to clear its remains…

I feel like Tenrex works best as late game. Kind of like Thor. Because it can deal some big damage and has decent HP, it can be a pain to deal with if you have a half dead dino on the bench, and don’t have an ideal counter in the arena at the time. And it still destroys Tryko. So it’s situational, but can still win some good matchups with its versatile kit. Probably more Low Tyrant though. Compared to several of the others.

Oh its evil in the right situation and give it an instant move and it would be there but right here right now … meh

My granny … God rest her soul, hits harder

I persisted with it for ages because, well, its a beast. It just seemed to be countered by far more than it wasn’t. Just not quick enough, I think.

Agreed. And the lack of an instant move is what makes Thor better imo. I was outvoted on that one haha.