GamePress 2.12 Tier List

Hey everyone! We are so excited to release the official GamePress 2.12 Tier List. This one is much more comprehensive than the 2.11 we released and includes the pretty images and explanations as well. As we did with the last list and as we will be doing from here on out, boosts were considered. Let us know what you think!


Thanks GamePress for your hard work as always!!!


That was well… QUICK!

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Thank you again. Guess the testa nerf was enough for it ?


I look at vexus and remember that because of you, my poor monomimus got brutally neffed to the ground. RIP monomimus

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It helped that we pretty much finished 2.11 like the day before the 2.12 update so we didn’t have a ton of changes with this one. We were just able to get more explanations in there and add the pretty pictures. Our new system should allow us to get these out much quicker each time. :slight_smile:


And you brought back Carcass Tier! :slight_smile:
Well kinda.

Eduardo already said that’s a hill he will fight on next time though :rofl:


Hmmm testa seems to be balanced I guess, honestly just get rid of that 33% swap prevention and I say let it be. Phour and skoona on the other hand definitely need some tweaks.

Overall great work! :+1:


“Ludia has been hitting Testacornibus pretty hard over the last few patches” :joy::joy: really … it’s still totally broken with all the immunities, cleanse, armor, heal, vulnerability, and go through dodging.


Skoolasaurus and Tragodistis… The worst legendaries in the game…

It is good but not broken anymore. It now really is comparable to other creatures in the Tyrant tier such as SR3 or IndoT. The last few patches combined with the introduction of Phorex and IndoT really has hit Testa hard.

While it still is super annoying, it is not broken anymore.

In general I fully agree with the 2.12 Tier List. Great job, GamePress!
But unfortunately it also shows how boring the current meta is. Out of the tyrant tier, 2 creatures are not yet really available resulting in the remaining 10 creatures being in every single end-game team.


Hmm I’m leaning towards balanced but still needs somethings fix. Rn it’s at least moderately balanced most due to like @Samzilla and what gamepress said it has gotten some nerf with this latest version giving some creatures the slight edge they needed to beat it constantly such as Mrhino. But still doesn’t mean some tweaks couldn’t be made for example getting rid of that 33% swap and or getting rid of power heal completely. Either one along with a resurgence of good fierce would be enough to definitely make it balanced especially since it now doesn’t have any exclusive components mean it technically should be nerfed. However it’s fine as it is; the game rn has much bigger problem if the tier list is anything to go by

I would not say testacornibus is completely broken but I would place it above skoonasaurus in the list though. At least, skoonasaurus you can try to swap out and get a better matchup. Testacornibus now can be put in range of a revenge killer, so that’s an improvement.

It is too powerful. Definitely. Phorurex get rekt by it, I never succeed to win in 1v1.
My gorgotrebax for example, even if it’s normal to get killed, doesn’t stand a chance because of the cleanse, slowing, giving vulnerable attribute … this is too much. My grypo wins but with 25%, if the deer doesn’t escape what’s happening often. We can’t switch to finish it either. My mortem got insta switched and can’t kill it and if the deer dig in before it’s faster and kill me.

This is non sense for me none dino can greatly kill it.
It’s the same for skoona, no dino can win in 1v1 against it. That’s why I say this is broken.

The main problem is that fierce creatures are crap because of all the switches and has absolutely no counter with it. I have a super morty lvl 30 when I get it in my team I loose 4/5.

You might do something wrong or use not a common boost distribution. But in most cases Phorurex wins against Testa. Unless Phorurex is too slow.

With the recent nerf there are quite a number of Testa counters. Phorurex, Grypo, IndoT, Entelolania, Mrhino, Skoona, Dio, Antarcto and some more. Some of them are always winning others depend on mind games or boost distribution.

And of course Trebax loses against Testa. Why should a pure Cunning win against a pure Resilient?

Edit: Please don’t get me wrong. Im not against changes to Testa. But changes should focus on making it less annoying. Not in nerfing it. Just today I was stuck in 3 Testa vs. Testa battles. There I definitely see room for improvement…

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You forgot trykosaurus and tenontorex as well. But for diorajasaur and trykosaurus that’s quite bold to run them.


Thor over in the corner technically being a counter

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  • poor pterovexus… :cry:

  • but im impressed with stygidaryx in high elite :scream:

  • nerf to testa’s counter heal was so minimal that i didn’t expect a drop to low tyrant.

  • seeing postosuchus, irritator and tanycolagreous in bottom hatchling remembers me times when tany were good in arena, posto a beast in tournament, and i wonder: is irritator still used in any raids, to buff team?

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I remember when Posto was one of the only 100% guaranteed DC killers after it had swapped in :rofl:
And funny you should mention raids. We’re actually working on a “Raid Tier List” as well. Holidays are tough for people right now but we’ll probably have one after the new year :slight_smile:

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