GamePress 2.14 Creature Tier List!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since we last posted one of these, but we’re happy to announce that our newest Tier List has been completed! Check it out using the following link! It features all the pretty images you’re used to, created by @Piere87, and written explanations on certain placements by @ElEduardo and myself! Be sure to check it out!


So how do you think we did guys? Any creature placements you heavily disagree with? Let us know!

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I agree with the list, but it’s sad to see uniques get so overpowered by Apexes yet again. Did Ludia forget we didn’t want apexes dominating the arena or what?


Here are my thoughts and questions for all of the tyrant and elite tiers:

High Tyrant

  • I agree with all of the placements, but out of curiosity, which one of the five would be considered the best in the game?

Low Tyrant

  • Gorgotrebax is a surprising to see here. What keeps it going in the meta while creatures like Spinoconstrictor drop a tier?

  • Although I’m usually the one with bias for Antarctovenator, I feel like High Elite fits better for it, especially when you look at the competition in those two tiers. Is Antarctovenator really more viable than creatures like Albertospinos, Stygidaryx, and Troodoboa?

High Elite

  • Speaking of the previously mentioned three, I’m suprised to see them not in Tyrant tier. Albertospinos has already been explained, but I’m curious as to why Stygidaryx isn’t deservant of this tier.

Mid Elite

  • The one thing that caught my eye here was Sinokotaraptor. I personally think Sinoko is on par with Coelhaast, due to having no alert on its swap in, as well as having great damage output for a flock. What exactly is holding it back from High Elite?

Low Elite

  • I see Antarctopelta has moved down from Mid Elite to Low Elite. Was the buff not enough to keep it up with the meta, or was the entry of Ailurarctos too much for it?

  • Anurognathus is quite surprising to see this low considering how well it performed for an epic in the 10+ Crit Chance tournament. Despite the fact it can 3-0 a team of Diloracheirus, Erlidominus, and Thorodolosaur, all these uniques are higher up than it. Does Anurog struggle more in a boosted environment, or was the lower amount of resilients in that tournament the only reason it performed as well as it did?


Skoonasaurus & Testacornibus dropped a tier… LoL
And I’m happy to see Mortem on Tyrant tier.


Forgot you guys still do this


I unlocked my first Apex just yesterday, so I am not talking about myself here, but why’s that?
I, personally, PvP a lot in both Tournaments and the Arena, and since Apexes are not a thing in Tournaments, I like seeing them shine in the Arena at least. After all, they are very well designed creatures with an interesting set of abilities. Hard to unlock and level up, so their usefulness and strength does not feel undeserved. They should have a platform, I don’t see the problem

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Love all this Mortem love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think Skoolasaurus, Tragodistis and Bajatonodon need some buffs. Kinda feel bad for them being that low.


lol we try and get one out every update. We politely request that Ludia doesn’t do a new update until we’re done with Tier List from now on :rofl:


Gamepress’s tier list is out. Time for the next update.


Yeah I wonder when that will come out

Albertospinos = Tyrant
I believe this firmly


Vexus in low? :cry:
I think he deserves Mid.
Especially if Monosteg is Mid lol.

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Apex’s are the hardest thing to get and should be the most powerful imo. I think what we have now is the best we have had in a while.


I feel apato should be higher then the lowest tier, it’s buff were pretty big and helps it in doing more dmg and dealing with flocks and distraction.


i’m also wondering how it even dropped a tier from last time

The old placement was a mistake, they said it should’ve been in Hatchling.

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oh i see. I think now its deserving of survivor tier.

also to answer your question on why Stygidaryx is in High Elite is because it has no stun resist, a pretty big flaw in the current meta

I’ll make a team from the top tier list.

I have all but Impera of course and Ardontognathus which I will be able to do my 1st fuse on tomorrow.

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Thanks a lot for the new tier list. Must be pain to do them before there is a new release.

“This thing can kill flocks as well as tyrants like Mortem Rex on a swap.”
Out of curiosity: in which scenario does a Fuku defeat a mortem or with which boost distribution? In all my simulations I did the only chance for Fuku to win is when he crits and when Mortem doesn’t. So not a really realistic scenario considering the crit rate of the two creatures.

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