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GamePress 2.5 Tier List!

We finally managed to finish our Tier List! Thanks Ludia for not having creature updates in 2.5!


Finally an update where you guys can get the tier list out.

poor magna, but her time has come.


RIP Mags, but we all knew it was coming


Wait, now I’m confused. I also thought Gorgotrebax wasn’t that good, then I saw that the effects lasted 2 turns and changed my mind, then Thylo pointed out that they only last for 1 turn according to the Field Guide and the Toolbox, and now GP says it’s 2 turns?

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Woah, How Come Poukandactylus, the worst Unique in this game so far, Is In Low Elite?!

As long as the opponent doesn’t have Resilient multipliers it’s not that bad.

Why is gorgosaurus low alpha and mortem high elite? When gorgosaurus can perform the revenge role to a similar degree of course it needs those few speed boosts like mortem does but it can set up with ferocious and then it’s impact has a 2.25× multiplier and it has immune to deceleration and it can negate normal distraction with the ferocious buff one small weakness is bleed but does that warrant such a huge difference y’all did a pretty good job but there are some oddities like tryostronix

That’s still less than Mortem’s 4K Rampage. Also it can’t set up with a shattering move turn 1, has less damage in general, a lower crit chance and significantly lower HP. Also lower speed and way worse resistances. Oh, and it lacks a full-cleansing Impact. Mortem is a mile ahead.


Boosts aren’t taken into account. Mortem also has better stats and resistances across the board, doesn’t rely on a ferocity boost to actually do damage, and cleansing impact hits cunnings much harder than gorgo’s impact (cunning attacks also remove the ferocity, so it won’t always negate the distraction). 40% crit chance is also a big deal

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Mortem is really really really weak unboosted like weaker than thor by a lot even dentis brings it to 100 hp without a crit

not really. against the same cunning opponents, Mortem has a better output in 1 turn compared to thor’s 2 tap with impact and instant charge.

That’s just false lol. Mortem can revenge kill the likes of tryko and dio, even beat them 1 v 1 . Thor and gorgo are too slow to even do that

So it kills tryko and dio and is left almost dead ready to be revenge killed and anything faster kills it including some of the longnecks all the other apex kill it anything that can dodge at all kills it

With the meta gradually leaning towards swap ima being dominant, I don’t think revenge killing will be as common, and Mortem is leagues ahead of any other pure chomper


Not anything that can dodge. And if you have a sniper it beats a good deal of it’s counters.
Add that to the good matchups against important creatures and you get a decent creature. Unboosted I do agree that isn’t that great, but it’s not bad at all.

I’m surprised that Venator got put in mid-elite.

Also: In before someone this thread turns into “Rixis is the only Epic in High Elite”

So? That’s already more than thor and gorgo can do, and if you’re using mortem like that, you’re using it wrong

Thor with its instant charge can kill some Maxima’s n gems and finish things off and if it’s almost dead it can at least take a chunk out of the dino the opponent brings out. How would you suggest I use mortem? Save it exclusively for dio and tryko?

You bring mortem to revenge kill tanks and set up rampage. Just like thor is used in the arena. The difference is that thor is too slow to do this when unboosted, and can’t set up without taking a hit first. Do I really have to be explaining this? Should be pretty obvious

The majority of meta tanks are faster ex gemini and dentis and wooly rhino and monolrhino and magnus hadros is equal speed so chances are it’s gonna take a hit which leaves it in kill range for literally anything that comes after its ok in boosted arena because you can make it faster than those tanks but unboosted it just seems to be much too niche