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GamePress Alliance is Recruiting!

The official GamePress alliance has one spot open and we are looking for someone who likes to battle! We are consistently a 10/9 Alliance but have hit 10/10 the past 2 weeks. We also have 2 levels 20 co-op sanctuaries that we share with 5 other fantastic alliances! Discord is mandatory so please join and DM me (Piere87) if you are interested! We don’t take blind requests in-game.


Well, this is a rare opportunity.
I’ll have to pass tho. I’m more of a casual player and would not be a good fit. :sweat_smile:


GamePress currently has 2 spots open! We make 10/10 on a weekly basis and have 2 level 20 co-op sanctuaries. We were also ranked 4th in the Championships last month! We are looking for players that are serious about the weekend tournaments. All of our members are at 5,000 trophies or higher and we usually have several in the top 50! Please join our Discord and DM me if you are interested in joining our amazing group.


Incredible alliance, would def recommend