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Gamepress Arena Performance Survey

Hello everyone! I’m hoping to shed some light on what it really takes to excel in the arena and I need your tasty, tasty numbers. Please take a moment to contribute to this very important study.

I think I’m also supposed to tell you to “smash that bell” whatever that means.


happy to help.

The most important question obviously :rofl::



Thanks for letting me put into context just how good I am in this game.
My data is probably gonna screw up the idea behind this survey so… take it with a bit of salt, lol.

Hoping to see the end results.

i’ve got 2/3s of high tyrant on my team. :laughing: I didn’t realize it until i took the survey.

I had to put ‘Maybe’ for the final question. Will have to ask my fiancée if I can after she gets off work.

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The only question missing,and one that I think that matters is how you apply your boosts.
I have 149 tiers currently, and how you apply them is vital info…

But since using the c-word is such a controversy in this game, I guess it’s ok to not have all the facts.

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Tell her she’s invited too.

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Done :white_check_mark: thanks

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You are mistaken. Homo sapiens are not excluded from Robot Prom.


Lol, but you know what I mean

I don’t. Please explain.


Done. I am curious about it what will results tell us. Hopefully I won´t be ashamed because of my quiz answer.

The page can not be somehow found if u are going on it through your gamepress domain.

No I won’t go to the prom with you!

But it’s all filled out, happy to help


With the announcement of the boost reset, now is a great time to go wild and test your limits! We have about 230 responses so far and the more we get the better the analysis will be.

A couple of weeks ago they put out a survey to get our opinion on the tier list!