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Gamepress Arena Survey 1.0 Results

Jeez, it took them long enough! That stupid robot finally got around to publishing the results of that survey from over a month ago.


Great stuff :clap:. I’ll sure be checking if I’m underachieving atm :smiley:

i’m gonna have to check as well. Not really a number nerd, so i’m absolutely lost. :sweat_smile:

Edit: did the calculations and it’s pretty close. The formula came out to 5,111 for me. got a HS of 5,140

Don’t worry I was too! :rofl: I think I’ve read that thing 10 times now and half of it goes over my head. Has anyone found the hidden message in it?! :face_with_monocle:

Yessss numbers and data :robot:
Very interesting analysis

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Ok I’m gonna be honest here.

The whole thing goes way over my head!

The only thing that kind of makes sense is the conclusion, and I’d question the validity of that since my alt a/c is unboosted at 4500 trophies and I can’t get a win any more despite levelling up all my team in recent weeks. Here’s why - it’s always IndoR gen2 or Yoshi to start and being slower every time means I very rarely get the advantage. So I’ve stagnated first a few months now despite my team being some 5 levels higher than it was on every Dino.

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… Looks smart.
If someone could do a stupid version for me that would be awesome. LOL


Skip to the Results and Conclusions section. If that’s still too much, skip to the Summary section. :wink:

That was meant to be a reply to @W1ckety, but some circuits got crossed somewhere.

I calculated 5,407 which is close to my 5,240 since I haven’t really tried to move up this season.

Most interesting is that if I used my Boosts, currently at 12,987 but remaining unused, I would add 1,274 trophies which would put me in the top 80.

Boosts are being reset whenever 1.15 arrives so might as well use the ones you have to see where you end up!


But my screen name is currently F2PandNotBoosted and I don’t have many changes left.

My peak this season is 6200+.
My number in this experiment is 5955’0413.

The difference some skill can make, I guess.

Speed is everything.
That’s why boosts are such an issue.

Math: 4775

Really: 4883

Who is game press? Are they Ludia??? Or are they a bunch of players who want to steer the game in a direction with no of what next month or the month after, or the month after will bring? I am interested to hear the answer? As I am sure many on here are?

Stepping back and thinking about the game to comments above.

Speed boosts are the issue and speed wins. Yep speed wins. So no boosts, still speed wins.
We would all have the same speedy dinos. So lets remove speed and have only attack and health…hmmmmm. so then dinos like brachi and slow downs with armor win. We can boost that. Hey that’s not fair. Get rid of health…Hmmmmm. Ok high health base and add a ton of attack…oooooh no thats not fair.

Really is this joke by gamepress?


I think they are bunch of people who think they are pros at a game that is random. They use words like skill even though the game picks their line up for each battle. And no one has control over what the other person picks either. So this is clearly silly waist of time. Maybe sticking to discord makes more sense.

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Hi! GamePress is a website that writes articles on JWA and is the largest resource for players. You want to know what creatures are spawning where? Well we report that. The article Origami posted is simply an analysis of data that we obtained through a survey. No one said you had to agree with everything GP puts out but it’s not a joke and I think most players appreciate the content :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t speak for the other members of GP, but as a robot I am clearly a master of random numbers. You did get one thing right though, this is most definitely a waste of time.

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so your little stunt here is take out apex predators and then make a report. Pretty funny. Its cute. Maybe stick to telling us where to catch the dinos we want are. You all are awesome at that. But having some one publish this is silly. Maybe lets try this. Lets remove all dinos from our lists and compare just Echo. Or any dino you want. Wish I could have the time back I spent reading this.