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Gamepress Arena Survey 2.0

For those of you who don’t want to sift through the comments of the first survey’s results thread, I’ve already started the second version!

This one breaks down boosts into their specific types and even asks what individual creatures are on your team. It doesn’t matter where you are in the arena, your response is still valuable. Please help us out by filling out the survey and passing it along to everyone you can. More data, more better!


No Google Account-> no Survey
why dont you do a Survey without the Need of a separate Account on another website


Sorry, it’s just a way to better ensure that people can only respond once. I don’t have any reason to think people would want to manipulate the data here, but it’s just good practice to make sure your input data is reliable. It’s also convenient because Google Forms will automatically link to a spreadsheet where I can do the analysis without worry about moving large amounts of data.

Hope it helps.

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done. can’t wait to see the results. hopefully we get more people to participate.

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Done, and passed along in my alliance Discord and my sanctuary co-op Discord. Hope you get lots of responses from people at all levels this time!

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I put mine in this time :rofl:

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I play so many different creatures, I can’t answer the survey.

Origami needs more responses to make this as accurate as possible!

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