GamePress article on RNG in JWA: Let's start a discussion!

Exactly! I think the article and some comments have mentioned RNG determining too much. While we can’t eliminate RNG completely, improving the reliability of dodge moves to make them more consistent is one way to remedy this.


Excellent article and pretty on point.

For the most part I’m personally not too bothered about RNG determining team matchups. However the amount of times my Tenontorex, Mortem, and Grypolyth have been stunned and swap prevented as often as they have just makes me wonder what’s even the point of having a 67% or 75% Resistance to Stun or Swap Prevention if it fails more often than it succeeds, as opposed to it happening every once in a while.

And the thing that I hate the most when that happens is that it’s a pretty big indicator that I’m supposed to lose that match. Not because I got outplayed by any equally skilled opponent, but because the RNG has already made that decision and there’s nothing I can do about it no matter how hard I try.


frankly I understand that it is annoying and sometimes unfair, but I think it adds a lot of fun and competition and strategy to this game, it make the game a lot better, it would be plain boring to just have hit move, where the one with the most attack in, with RNG I won against a 26 testa with a draco and scorpius both at 16

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