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GamePress Battle Simuator released....kind of

We put a lot of information out about our super awesome Battle Simulator Tool. We have had multiple requests to get the simulator as a tool on our website but unfortunately, the raw data required to run something like that was just not feasible. So, we tried to do the next best thing. We added a new feature to our Dinodex that shows best Matchups (dinos they are most likely to beat) and Counters (dinos they struggle against) for every dinosaur based on our simulator results.

While it isn’t a “Battle Simulator” hopefully it’ll help you figure out how to beat those pesky dinos you have trouble with. :smile:


Thank you all for your efforts

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Where did you get the battle simulator?

We partner with the creator of the JWA Field Guide app. He created the simulator and we use it to run all of our matchups for our guides (like tournament guides and such).


Many thanks to @MattEllis! He is doing a great work and everyone should thank him for the JWA field guide and the battle simulator used by gamepress to update the tier list.
Hats off to Matt!


Nice work @MattEllis!

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Thanks for the kudos @JurassicRemy! :slight_smile:


I’ve been waiting for someone to do something like this with the simulator. This should be an interesting read.