Gamepress: Building a Sustainable Player Base (Poll at End)


I apologize if this is a problem with anybody.

I just know this was really good and a lot of people should see it. Read it and take the poll.

And thank you @Piere87 and Gamepress


Just finished writing an essay at the end of the survey :wink:


It may or may not be almost 500 words long :sweat_smile:


Lol. Yeah I wrote quite a bit too. It’s good.

Edit, I don’t think it was that long though :rofl:

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I wrote an essay as well. I have a lot of thoughts! I kept it constructive, though.

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i answered in the last question from the survey “nerf anky lux and arctovasilas”

Is Anky really that bad?! Especially considering what it’s made of?

I haven’t and probably won’t see any for a while but I see people talking about how strong it is.

yeah anky lux is a monster it dont seen but yes its a monster and yes it can just ran away from its counters too ;-;

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anky lux is bassicaly the old ceramagnus and hadros lux it can survive them run away or even win a fight againts a level 30 fully boosted creature :confused: being lvl 26 minimal boosted

The article is not that good.

When new players realise they need 3+ years to be competitive, they quit.

The time to build dinos is a lot harder then it once was.

I think new players should find another game.

Shouldn’t the “very satisfied” and “very unsatisfied” be the other way around?

Instead of being constructive you choose to act like this. No wonder people are turned away from the game if people have this kind of attitude.

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Piere told me that this was a google error. She didn’t deliberately make it like that

I wrote a lot as well, particularly complaining about bugs allowing to be running rampant in the game. Their top priority should be to squash those and fix as much as possible before releasing new content at all. That would probably be the best update they could do, and I know it would please a ton of community members

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All I wrote was Scutomoceros…

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It’s actually way easier.
We have people in our alliance that hit Nublar from scratch in 7 months and Gyro in 4.
You would be surprised how many people actually play the game.

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I struggle to see how this paragraph fits within the rest of this article. However, I feel compeled to argue the point. JWA has indeed a strong “Pay to Win” component. P2W does relate to JWA more than hundreds of other mobile games available in the market. When you pay to unlock and level up the new OP meta relevant creatures “quicker” you definitely get more wins. The advantage is also more notable “the quicker” you go (the more you pay).
It gives a lot of wins to someone who paid thousands of their currency to have IndoT, Parasauthops, Arctovasilas and Akylo Lux in their team, together with Skoona, Phoru and Scorpio. Against someone who’s stuck using Hadros, Cera, Testa, an under-leveled Phoru and no Skoona. The odds to win are higher the more you paid. For a long time, indeed. Ludia is kind enough to give away some DNA for those top meta creatures, enough to level them to 26, usually. So f2p players have a chance to catch up…after 9-12 months (usually when those creatures are no longer viable or are about to be replaced by new OP creatures).
So, for much that one may hate it, P2W have a huge advantage. Also, heavy spenders have a huge advantage against casual or moderate spenders.

I want to make clear that this fact doesn’t bother me. P2W players, must acknowledge that they have an advantage, though. They can be low skilled players and still win, whereas some very skilled f2p players (or even low spenders) are knocked down simply by low winning odds, due to their suboptimal teams. I understand that the game needs to have a source of income, otherwise the company wouldn’t bother to continue developing it. I started the game being p2w. I paid VIP for four months because I wanted to catch up and progress faster, so I could be useful to my alliance. However, once I realised that darting nundasuchus wasn’t going to help me…I stopped. I must add to this, that Ludia’s business model negatively impacts their benefits and success. I have explored so many other mobile game which sell packs at reasonable prices. They sell quite a bit and have a thriving playerbase, because of this. F2p can compete and enjoy the game, casual or moderate spenders can get their reasonable head start without sinking their bank accounts…1$, 5$, 10$, 20$, 50$ are the type of deals that they sell. And you may get a surprisingly notable boost for only 5$ on those games. Whereas Ludia offers 2-5 fusions for 100$ in our case.

Anyway, leaving aside this P2W “off-topic” within the article… I’d like to thank once more GP’s team for bringing up these articles that give the community a well deserved voice :slight_smile:


Ok pal, let’s see you write an article. Let’s see if it’ll be good or not.
Players don’t need 3+ years of they actually put in effort. In fact, many players can come back relatively quickly after getting banned from what I’ve seen. So make sure you do your research before making your opinions. And also be respectful to the person who’s just trying to relay a message


It is very strong, possibly stronger than Vasilas.