Gamepress: Building a Sustainable Player Base (Poll at End)

Anky is insane. It can swap into so much and just win. Skoona is not even safe at full hp

I actually included that for a reason. I wanted to acknowledge that there are 2 different types of players and the point was that while the ones that pay are important, Ludia can’t ignore the “free to play” people as they are what we need to build that “sustainable player base”. I believe there needs to be a balance in what is done with the game to appease both of these types of players but they are both equally important.


It makes sense under that perspective :+1:
Maybe it should be edited to make it clear. As it is, it sounds as a rant defending that p2w don’t get a real advantage in JWA (which is false). The point gets missed by readers. It is indeed important that both types of players and all the types in between can enjoy the game. Ludia is currently targeting whales exclusively. This is not sustainable :smile:


I can definitely edit it to include the paragraph above. I appreciate the feedback on it! :slight_smile:

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I can’t put itvany better than you did. Id offend somebody saying the exact sane thing. Thank you

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While on the topic of sustainability I have something to say.

When the game first came out my family would go out for hours on the nights and grind our daily coins and DNA. We would grind out in the arena in our spare time. As the game progressed we spent less and less time going out or even playing at all because it seemed that everything was requiring more time. It continued like this until they don’t even play anymore. When I do play I only touch the arenas for incubators.

One of the reasons I take so many breaks is because I get sucked into feeling like I HAVE to grind everything all the time and then I get burnt out. This time I’m going to try doing things differently and only play when I want how I want.

JWA has become a question of priorities. How much do I need this shiny new dino that will most likely become irrelevant in several months? How much time and resources will getting it cost me? Jow long will it be viable? These questions are questions I think ALL JWA players should be asking right now. But I also think the impact these questions have on the game is negative and shouldn’t be such a big part of the experience.

While I understand from a business perspective on why you would want people hooked on your product 24/7/365 it has an unhealthy impact on the customers and I would imagine also hurts the company in the long run.

I have played this game off and on since the beginning. I have come to accept the extensive IMHO grinding nature of the game. I understand it mostly, thought I don’t particularly enjoy it. But I think if we are going to talk about the state of the game and hunting then it’s worth throwing out there.

I really want to see discussion on this. What are your feelings about the grind and dedication this game takes? Do you love it? how would you improve it?

I can’t imagine I’m the only one who feels the way I do. I’m not sure this is really the game JWA wants to be?

Great aspect! :heart:

A lot of players have been REALLY passionated about this game.

But we have always wished a game that never been player-friendly.

100s of topics have sayed same thing during years.

Ludia = Casio
JWA = Casino

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