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Gamepress: fusions are rigged!


I love it!

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So all my counting arrows and making sure I’m wearing my lucky underwear isn’t going to work wait what…cool read :fist_left:


From what I can tell the fusions are weighted different on different creatures.


Based on what actual fact?

All ludia games are rigged, matchmakimg is also it’ll always pair you with a oponent with more team power to try to force you to boost, and to give the players who got boost what they want… win, therefore making them want more boosts

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Do you realize how little sense that makes? What about the people that you say you’re always paired up against? Do you realize they’re fighting someone lower than them? In any case, there is no indication of what you claim in the game data. I’m assuming you did not read the article.


I don’t have lucky underwear but my trick is butt fuses. The Dino has to be facing backwards.

@Dilo, @Hersh. Am I right?! :joy:


After all it is not that clear as to the weighted is either Dino or account specific.

If it is Dino specific, then, the trick to fuse a useless Dino when we’re on a 10s fuses streak is indeed a good strategy.

If it is account specific, then, there’s no advantage of doing the above since the average will always be 22 DNAs per fuse per Dino.

As usual i.e. like when they come out with the Dino tiers there are too many assumptions made which are not clear. Henceforth, the results may be bias and are open to arguments.

Nevertheless, it is a good effort though. But from a scientific point of view, the experiment should be better documented and involve a larger sample of different Dinos of different rarities, different accounts, etc.

Butt fuses FTW!!!

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Anybody remember “helicoptering” to improve fuses? I wasn’t a member of these forums when that fad was around, but I saw plenty of posts about it on the Facebook fan group.

For those who don’t know, “helicoptering” was rapidly spinning your dinosaur in circles while tapping the fuse button. Of course it was later determined that good old RNG decides what fuses you will get.


I did this :joy: but I called it “spinning your Dino around like it’s drunk“ until you hit the button


The actual :clown_face: fact that I can do 10 fuses of uniques and get 150 dna.
Then do 10 fuses on rares and get 300.
OF COURSE different rarities have different rates of fusing. If you haven’t noticed it by now, you’re in denial.

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Butt fuses work 100% of the time 100% of the time :peach::boom:


Or you could buy Super VIP and always get a minimum of 60 DNA per fuse.


Awesome I’ll have to try that one :joy::joy:

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It was explained so well… and yet some people still didn’t grasp probabilities XD


I had over 15 fuses on Tryko above 50, so I can safely say this doesn’t affect every dino or everyone. I thought Magna was cursed with a ton of 10s, but then I got 150 in 4 fuses.
I agree that it really feels like that the uniqes have worse fuses in general, but I’m not convinced. What I AM convinced about is that the average fuse of a unique is not below 22. If rare fuses are higher, sure, I am wiling to believe that once sufficient data is provided.
The article is full of reads of psychological reasons why you would think you have bad luck or streaks. For me it’s very spot on, and if you refuse to believe actual data over hunches and gut feelings then who’s the one living in denial…

Given Ludias root in slot machines, id say its not a case of wanting to slow progression using weighted fuses, but rather the addiction of “having another go, this time I know for sure I’ll strike big on that fuse”…aww damn another 10, better keep playong and spending longer.

Its the same thing gamblers do on slot machines, the odds of getting something good to is super low but they cant help but keep trying.

Just another gambling addiction technique imo.


@Tielenaar: 15 fuses over 50 means nothing from a statistical point of view because the ergodicity condition is not met. A sample is representative of a population only when a series of conditions (regarding average and other statistics descriptors) are met. To keep it simple, you need like 3000 fuses written down and analysed to be able to represent this properly.

Also, code is written and can be analyzed, so, the answer is not in our opinions or impressinos, but in what Ludia coders have written in their program.

So, long story short, you’ve just been lucky.

Also, it’s pretty evident that the distribution is not even, otherwise we won’t be all complaining about “that series of 10s we rolled” (and we all did that).