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Gamepress reveal the dinos used by top 50

It is not a surprise :
top 8:

-Ardentis in 100% teams
-Tryko in 100% teams
-Magna in 96% teams
-Dio in 96% teams
-Thylaco in 76% teams
-Phorusaura in 48% teams
-Tenontorex in 48% teams
-Grypolyth in 40% teams

So,what do you guys think of this top 8?

top 9 was -quetzorion equal with -monolometrodon with 36% teams


Monolorhino would probably be higher if rhino wasn’t exclusive


some of us which lived in area 4 had plenty of time to collect enough rhino dna.
But i think he shine mostly in swap deck with phorusaura,DC,zorion

I lived in zone 4 and sadly didn’t get that much rhino compared to other epics. That and it was a pain to dart. Also that and the fact that monolorhino was the second worst unique at the time made me not as enthusiastic about leveling up monolorhino


Definitively not a surprise… For me the surprise is mostly the bottom ones! Thor (OK, I guess it’s nice to boost it for Raids, so why not throwing it in the team as well hence saving on boosts). But dinos like Dracorex, poor Gemini, or even Erlidominus still making it (even in small numbers)? That’s truly interesting!! Now, we will have to see what will happen with the fix on the instant shield… I suspect Erlidominus may get a few more fans! :wink:

I think I’m the lone user of both Spyx and Rinex on this list…

I wish Spyx got his decel immunity and/or LW back to bring him glory once again

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I wish Erlikospyx stayed exactly as it was before: immunity to decel AND bleeder! :slight_smile:


back to back rampages on a revenge and constant distraction is nice sometimes, but in the resilient meta, it’s not super useful. LW would at least give it options, maybe swap it for ID, which is only useful when slowed vs tryko who’s already used Resilient impact.

Well you are not quite alone lol

Gotta say, has seen more erlidom appearing in arena after II was fixed, and even started facing indo/indo g2.

Nice! Although I was referring to the actual list, but good to see a fellow spyx user out there


Sometimes I wish their lists were a bit more comprehensive then just the most used Dino’s in the top 50.

There is more important things at work then just how many people are uses the normal 4.

Like Mammolania a Dino most on here wrote off… I read on here it wasn’t even viable the other day, despite it being used in 5 of the top 10 teams.


Hey stop giving away my team strategy! everyone’s going to copy it! :sob:

Think that’s the plan when the tier list comes out

Yeah I understand that but the way Ludia keeps changing ii doesn’t exactly make that easy for them.

But this type of article is just looking at most used and how their boosted. During a time period that we have a unique opportunity to really look at the ladder in a different way. This article isn’t bad or wrong I’m just looking for something different.

Two people who were sitting in the 6400 not long ago and now at places 1 and 3 and while they have the same power 4… there are some rather unique differences to the rest of their teams. No thyla… no tenoto… Max attack boosted rhino on both teams… Some uniques that are considered bad… including a snake on the top team.

These teams have to have a better then average win rate to climb so quickly. And they most likely have a strategy with these teams that works. As much flack as those two get on these forums they clearly doing something other then what a lot of top players have been doing.

Instead of giving us tier lists on the best individual Dino’s which results in large adoption rates of the 8 best Dino’s. And helps with the complaints that we face the same teams every match. Showcase entire teams the strategies they use and the synergies that make them work. Could even go the extra mile and add some potential alternatives.

This season has shown running off meta stuff can lead one to not only succeed but thrive. Which could go along way into making the game more enjoyable for all. Cause their is gonna be “net decking” no matter how it’s done. A more in depth look at teams and synergies… might do the whole community some good.

And a flag for @Piere87 so the request gets heard.


Heard and passed on! Def something we can look into and I might even get some insight from some of those players to get their thoughts on it as well.