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GamePress Tier List 2.0 - Part 1

You’ve been asking for it and we are happy to finally be able to deliver! Well, at least part of the tier list lol. We did things a little differently this time and did a Category Tier List first. We are still working on the BIG one so stay tuned for that! Enjoy!

Also, make sure you click on the link at the very end :wink: :money_with_wings: :money_mouth_face:


Man this took a while :sweat_smile:

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Thank you and the team for your efforts. this was a massive undertaking.

i honestly disagree with irritator being in alpha. it is an amazing damage buffer for lower level teams. Even higher level teams can make use of it to finish raids quicker. For mortem raids, it only needs to have enough hp to survive a fresh strike. (if you don’t want to risk RNG, enough for a fresh critted strike) this can be accomplished by over leveling it, or boosts. ( i know some use higher level and boosted creatures for sanc building so there is that.)


Just curious why some creatures like brontolasmus and ankyntro are in fierce when marsupial lion isn’t? I would suspect it’s more of a fierce creature

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why is diplovenator a raid tyrant?

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We decided that since it has prowl as a utility move it should be placed in wild card

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Diplove is in raid tyrant because it does very well in mortem and nemys raids


But why would ankyntro be fierce? Also thylacotator is in both

I don’t know on those ones honestly

I’m pretty confused as well. Dimodactylus is in resilience, and then you have ardont in wildcard but maxima is not there (even though their movesets are almost identical). This list is bizarre


This isn’t their final list, it’s just kind of a random sneak peak.

Diplov is only good to distract and it could be easily replaced by another distracters like Erlidom or Phorus

In my alliance literally no ones used Diplov and needed it to beat Mortem and trust me when Mortem raids are on we’re not joking

Also about Nemys I don’t care about that thing tbh you just need Dio and Tenrex to win

That’s why I only count Mortem raids about the tier list

yes! rajankylo is relevant! now people will se his true power!

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I’m honestly just as baffled as everybody else at some of the placements but i wasn’t in some of the different groups that discussed them so idk why they were put there. They had to be put there for a reason though

The real question should be: why is not magna in fierce and in cunning but monolometro yes? Same thing for vexus.

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Same question as to why maxima isn’t in wild card tier with ardont

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Tbh I’m really confused and disappointed about this tier list

Rajakylo is in the class fierce but not Dio and it doesn’t even break shields

Ankyntro is also in the class fierce somehow

Irritator is only in the alpha tier in raid list but it’s clearly the best dino to buff the whole team with ferocious effects and it has a good bulk

I know it takes a lot of time but Idk it’s so confusing to me

I really hope they’ll made some changes


Wondering why woolly rhino is so low on the wildcard list?? Second best nonhybrid in the game shouldn’t be on par with carbonemyes


and why isn’t indom in fierce?

I don’t like Apex being replaced with elite. I will have a hard time getting used to this…