GamePress Tier List 2.11

Yes we know this will be “old” as soon as 2.12 goes live, but we got it out at least! :rofl:

This is only Tyrant and Elite and we plan on having the full list soon after this new update. Something else to note about it, boosts were taken into consideration.


YAY I’ve always appreciated these lists, but always been sad they don’t account for boosts. That’s a HUGE improvement!!! Thank you!!!

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RIP Indoraptor, Tuoramoloch, Utarinex, Magnapyritator, Hadros Lux, Ceramagnus, Refrenantem, Haast Maximus… :pensive:


Compsocaulus dropped from Tyrant !!!:scream:

Spinocon, scorpious, testa and skoona keep it in check.

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Didn’t thought Parasauthops would be that great :thinking:
And I am happy that Spinoconstrictor make it’s way to Tyrant… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Try to dodge the 2826 swap in damage.

Finally! Spinocon is tryrant!


Can someone please explain the Arctoven placement, just curious :sweat_smile:


I’m also curious. Probably a boost distribution.

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It’s situational, but can be really good, especially on the revenge. I like bringing it in on a wounded deer, SR3, anything pretty much and there isn’t much someone can do about it. The counterattack can be sneaky as well.


Thank you, how do you have yours boosted?
I’m quessing you want 2k attack.

I would say antarctovenator and spinoconstrictor are the worst low tyrant, even though I have been surprised a couple of times by the SiD and the counter attack. Worst outcome I have against spinoconstrictor is a draw most of the time but that must be due to team composition, it’s definitely better than it used to be.

Who was it that said gorgotrebax wasn’t as good as haast max or ref? It’s 2 tiers above them. Gbax is the best cunning.


The change to resilient moves certainly helped it a lot.

Mine is 15/15/0 so 2k attack with a good amount of HP to survive a hit. It’s also good against Grypo esp with the revenge ferocity move.


Haven’t had too much of a difference in play with gbax with the resil change. Probably because I want for a speedy and hp based one.

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It used to struggle against trykosaurus, tenontorex, hadros lux, etc… Now it really struggles only against skoonasaurus and testacornibus.

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Just watching as my maxed out beasts slip steadily down this list …! Down to 3 tyrants, and one of those is Spinocon who wasn’t a tyrant before…!

This list perfectly encapsulates how rapid this game has moved in the last 3-4 months… Impossible to keep up unless you spend BUCKS…


Piere87: Can you give us some insight on how it the tier list was done, while including the boosts? Is it mostly still humans discussing it (and I totally trust the awesome team working on it btw), and/or was it also some magic software.

And sadly, I think it would be nice to have another article that would discuss the “typical” patterns, at least for all the Tyrants…

As usual though, thank you for your hard work, you and all the team.

EDIT: Disregard this, like a kid on Christmas, I jumped straigth into the list itself, without reading the preface… Sorry.