Gamers are being taking advantage of


These money hoarders (jurassic piggies alive) want our hard earned money spent stupidly on there super over priced incubators think about what you could buy with 5000/50$ us you could buy a new ps4 game or close to it . And half these incubators u can get free playing the game ! Sorry I had to post again till they get it!!

No more spending money for a couple weeks if no change then a couple more band together my friends enjoy the game without spending you’ll still enjoy it fight that fix you crave to be the best!! WATCH as they feed off that dopamine fix you need and you spend spend spend!! Don’t do it!!

Power to the gamers !!




I think your calling for a “Cash-Starve” policy. Well I have to tell you, I have seen several of these go down and let me lay out what happens:

  • They after months of riots lower the cost (example: Empire Kingdoms)
  • They up the rewards for selling out and build a “us and them” mentality that creates factions but are ultimately unbalanced towards spenders ultimately causing the implosion of the riot and they within a few months are back to business as usual. (Example: Astro Empires)
  • Remove the P2W feeling completely but at the cost of quality updates and cause an insane spending curve with the top players on top and the underdogs dying off completely (Example: Domination Earth)

My point is, even with a good policy this will most likely lead to the destruction of a fairly stable demographic of spenders and not. If they drop the cost then even more spenders will appear and a riot can actually have a reverse effect where the developer realizes that large amounts are not spending so they focus on the small amount that will spend no matter what. This leads to a extremely broken demographic.

I’m an older gamer (obviously, who uses words like demographic?) But I’ve seen enough cash riots to be the “Giver” so to speak. If you riot you may actually hasten your own end to a fair and reasonable pay-in system


There is a lot of stupod threads in this forum and I usually enjoy it but this makes me stupid for reading it.


I agree the prices are too high but I’m not sure what ‘rights’ you’re referring to in your title.

It’s a free to play game which you can stop playing at any time if you don’t like it!


You mad bro? Haha No but for real, it’s easy to get caught up with all the in game purchase options not only in this game but the majority of smartphone games that are on the market these days. Keep on keepin on the 22nd is coming quick I still NEED MOVIE TICKETS!


Same I plan on watching at Dolby. It’s the best way to watch.


Right! No more money for those moneybags until they lower the prices and the advantages for VIP players!


I wrote about it yesterday. I’m payable player but I won’t spend a cent to this game until they change the prices and coin issue.
I really like this game but this politic is insane. If I’m bored with this too slow progress, I will leave and spend money to other games.


Whilst I agree the prices are too high. How do you think they fund this game? They released it for FREE. So straight away they need to recoup the development costs. Then there’s maintenance. That’s not free either. If they didn’t charge for stuff like incubators then the game wouldn’t get any updates and would be dead within a year.


And that`s where we can get them under pressure: “Lower the prices or your game will die and you will not generate ANY income anymore!”


Price is actually fine consider about the DNA , it’s not much.
The real problem is Ludia make it like :
" See ? if u don’t pay u gonna walk so dame hard to get it. "
Second , I can’t believe they break the balance so straight and easily.
You can’t just sell the item like +15 golden equipment to make ppl P2W. That’s not how it work.
You can sell the item to make ppl more convenience or close to win the battle like PMGO or other games.

Anyway , I won’t buy the packs again. It’s not about the price.
Because they just want to earn the money and doesn’t care about how it goes.


Price: €50, buyers 7000
Price: €10, buyers: 1 000 000


Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that (would be nice if it did though).


Dude, you don’t need to spend money to play a game like this. I know because I haven’t spent a penny and I’m still doing great. I’m Lv5 in the second arena with dinosaurs I’m able to strategize with. This game, like PoGO, is about getting out there and having adventures. The prices are high because they probably want to deter making the game easy and forcing players to play the game the way it’s meant to be played (really, it’s bad enough facing other V-raptor users, can you imagine EVERYONE having a T-Rex or worse?). I understand the frustration if you’re a casual (like I am) or if you work or whatever, but like the first guy said, trying to “riot” will only seal your own end. JWA I think is doing great, and it still had a much stronger start than PoGO. Play the game; you’ll find the best dinosaurs appear if you do.


Dude over pricing has nothing to do with getting costs back it’s greed they make a lot alone in advertising and monthly memberships that’s in the millions alone.


I’m in one of the top arenas with 3040 or so up and down from 3100-2900 been bouncing for days now. I pay for monthly membership and I’ve added money for coins to level Dino’s you have to if you want to be decent in the game. The level your at is beginners dude how is that great?

I agree you don’t need to spend money but if you wanna be decent at a game then yea you do. I’ve been here since beta and trust me if you wanna level Dino’s you have to add money or just be a the second map your on ! I’ve bought one rare incubator to see what it was like and it’s garbage the same ones we get for free.

My argument is to not spend money on these over priced incubators!



Also this is in no way comparable to Pokémon go it’s way better always will be.


Point is don’t buy the dumb incubators they are ridicules ! Maybe I was a tab bit exaggerated with what I said I don’t mean riot people need to give that up fast I’m saying like I have in other threads if you actually read any of them is not to buy the over priced incubators !


Wish they would line these threads up right


If people haven’t notice majority of all app games are free to play it’s not new! When things are not right you voice it again I say OVER PRICED INCUBATORS LOL :joy: