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Games ruined


What have you done to this game you’ve ruined it can’t win in battle no more a level 11 beat a level 17 that bull crap and you know it sort this crap game out it getting one of the worst games out walking dead and pokemon ain’t as bad as this game

Worst game out

fun fact: thats a single sentence


:joy: best response ever


So what you’re saying is: Your opponent scored a crit and you didn’t.

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Wait, they mentioned a crit? Where?
My brain can’t comprehend.

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@Asta No mention of crits, but usually bad RNG is the most likely cause for an outburst like that. Plus, they did mention battling.

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May of been a DOT dealer too.


Ah yes, true enough.


Let the ranting begin give it a chance it’s only just dropped

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And let the “Nerf Bleeds” threads begin…


Not even room to breathe without interpunction, I tried many times but didnt manage :frowning:

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My mum and uncle Ken could manage it…I swear their convos are non-stop not even for a breath, and because they talk loud they both get louder and louder to talk over each other lol.

I generally don’t visit when their both around because I always leave with a massive headache, I kid you not! I have to take Aspirin or Codeine (if their both around) when I visit lol


Aw man the bleed is fun right now. I actually smile when I see a stegodeus come in against my suchotator.


Then it spams Superiority Strike and kills you before the bleeds kill them lol.

Thats what I used to do when a Suchy came out against my now benched Stego, SS (cleanse the bleed) >> SS (Cleanse the distraction) >> SS to finish them off.

Ofcourse now the bleed will actually DO something, but its still a hard counter id say!


I’m going to do a Britney Spears fan rant LEAVE THE GAME ALONE!!! :weary: quite enjoying doing the new stuff and learning new strategies.

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Had this same situation occur in Badlands yesterday. Was kind of fun.


The moment i saw the lukaku jersey in the pic i knew this thread was a miss… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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People I’ve battled didn’t get the memo about the latest update. I hit their Stegodeus or Tragodistis with Lethal Wound from my Spinotasuchus and they try to cleanse the bleed with Superiority Strike! :rofl:


I would rather nerf Suchotator then read this again