Gamma hybrid

no further comment
(therizinosaur model)

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You mean “Sonora” right?

devastation taunts though


dryosaurus has no fierce. cant be a wild card

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I’ve been wondering if my hybrid should be buffed to have a Precise Pounce and Run.

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Currently there are 10 topics featuring Sonoragamma. LUDIA! ADD SONORAGAMMA! PLEASE!

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I don’t think that would mesh well without a) being broken, b) looking ugly, c) being underpowered, or d) having a bad kit. The 2 are so different I don’t think it works

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which hybrid are you talking about?

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Sonoragamma, which I think Velokonorus would be a cooler name

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I made this one awhile ago, still think it’d be pretty cool to get.

Best in class speed with a great run move

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probably not


highly unlikely

But that’s so bland, lots of uniques have some fun but derivative names

still, im not having another skoona
skonora was clearly the better option

You don’t need to have a bland name to have a good one, I.e. Thor, Dio, Max, Gem, Thor…

we could have had scolosuchus
but no! we get something that reminds me of homeowrk

also how do you make a distraction based, high damage hit and run vulnerability speed control tank not broken without being underpowered?

First off, that name wouldn’t work as we don’t have anything representing sono and second, Skoonasaurus is not exactly a bad name


that think was for skoola

Yah no that’s definitely broken

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