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Gampress I gotta question

Um so I was checking monolorhino stats and it says that it has 4,850 health and 1,215 attack?!

Did it get buffed or were the original stats just
speculation or leaks. Cause I checked again and

(Ps, Ik that metro has one speed boosts but like it was on accident)

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Those stats come straight from the code so that looks like a visual error of some sort. @MattEllis could probably look into it since he’s the developer for the Field Guide App.


Okay thxs cause I got like kinda confused there although stats wouldn’t look bad on it


Hey @Thylo_75 I’m the developer of the field guide. There’s a bug right now that sometimes shows L30 stats when you FIRST choose a higher rarity creature to compare with. If you change the level up or down, it fixes it. This bug is on my list to fix for a future release.


Those stats would be ideal at level 26 :laughing:


It alright @MattEllis I get it it’s not like really that affecting the guide or anything I was just caught off guard by it for a sec there got excited it got buffed :joy:


Only thing missing is decel or nullifying strike and definite rampage and bam that’s a perfect :rhinoceros:

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