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Garbage matchmaking is back

Ever since the update rolled out, I have been getting shafted by the matchmaker in Lockwood Estate. My team is six level 20 Legendaries and two Level 21 Uniques, each with a singe level of damage boost. Every damned battle I have had after 1.190 rolled out has been against L23 Legendaries and L22 Uniques. I have lost every damned battle except one, which was a draw. This means no incubators 15 minute or 3,8,12 or 24 hour incubators.

I am no longer going to battle as it is totally pointless.This means I miss out on the pathetic number of boosts that come from the Daily Battle incubator and I don’t get the daily missions that require the DBI.

Along with the other bugs in the client, such as the ongoing alliance chat bugs that Ludia can’t be bothered fixing and the reintroduced bug that drops you back into the alliance screen when you exit a sanctuary instead of the list of sanctuaries, suggesting that they used the 1.08 code base rather than 1.09, the matchmaker is once again killing my enjoyment of the game. Not Ludia that care since most of us are not pay to win.

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Did you boost your dinos? That would explain lvl difference, cause matchmaking is still based on trophies and boosts. From Library matchmaking is based only on trophies.


I have been wondering about trophy only mm above 5k. I took my 29 Dilor and 30 Steg out and added 24 Indor 2 and 25 Maxima. Prior to that I was matched with teams of 29/30s and now opponent’s team avg is closer to 27. Could be coincidence, but it seems strange.

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I have a mix of epic, legendary and unique creates in the 18-22 range. Used to fight teams close to that range. Boosting 1 dino now pits me against teams lv 24-27. Sometimes with full boosts. It takes the fun out of the arena.

But i can get around that by changing the time i battle at. If i’m loosing too much, i’ll take a break (about an hour or so) and come back. The types of matches typically change throughout the day.


Changing the time of day that you battle can make huge difference… there are time i know to avoid based on whether i ended up last in avairy or library.

Saturday nights have been the worst for me since the beginning of time.

Since yesterday I played 10+ battles against players and when I lose I keep losing 30+ trophies and winning gives me 20+ but less than 30.

I am at 5650+ trophies now and the ones I face have 2+ dinos everytime with boosted to sky … Like one player had 148 speed Indoraptor and then 2100+ ATK and 4200+ HP on DracoceRATops; and then on top mostly level 26 to 27 dinos with high boosts and kicking my dinos at level 29 and 30.

As I said in my post, my dinos are boosted by one level each. Your comment might be accurate except for the fact the dinos I gave are boosted as well. Hell, even the bots I have faced have been levels above me.

I am battling around 22:00 to 00:00 NZDT, so around 07:00 to 09:00 EST

Bots are usually always higher lvl.

Matchmaking search for closest opponent and then slowly expands search. So if it finds you opponent after 25 seconds is usually the closest it could find, not neccessary the closest on creature lvls.

You say it’s ‘back’ as though it ever left? This last update may very well go down in history as the most pathetic one ludia have rolled out yet. They fixed NOTHING that was wrong with the game, terrible matchmaking included, and instead decided that an animation of dying dinosaurs was more worthy of time and effort. That and a stat reset that allows them to even more shamelessly gouge people for money.

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I couldn’t agree more with you UncannyThoradalasaur.

Every match I have I see madly boosted rats and Thor’s, so nothing new at 5000 trophies.

My son who has been ftp from the start can’t get a win at 4600 as he hasn’t got enough boosts to counter the rat infestation where he sits.

But apparently everything is so much better with the new boost system, so I shouldn’t complain.

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The system could’ve been good. It’s people taking advantage of it that is the problem.
Tho i do have to agree. the thors and rats boosted as far as they can go are still a problem. When there is nothing to counter them, there is an imbalance.

I think the bad matchmaking never left. The best MM has been recently was right after boost reset I faced very equal opponents for a day.


Yep , what a joyous day that was.
A day to go down in the history of JWA as how matchmaking could have been :rofl:


Unfortunately a lot of players attempted to max boost Thor and Rat again which wrecked a good chance.

Once again the mascots standing strong.

This is a Public Service Announcement:
Greetings valued money…err I mean player. We would like to talking to you about our new reworked product, called Boosts 2.0

Everyone: No thanks I’m not interested in massive debt to strengthen pixels.

Boost Mascot: Anyway shut up for a second!


Found a couple culprits right here. Can’t even stay in upper aviary anymore

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The Boost mascot trio are out spreading the word of our lord and saviour Stat Boosts!


MM got worse in week 2 of 1.10. I have been matched with everyone from top 2 to players whose top score is 500 trophies below my current score. The 2.min timer in Shores didnt help.

The content of the opposition of course sucks. ProceraRat was always present in 1 opponent’s team 7 times in a 20 mins of battling.

Ludia’s MM isnt helping anything since it doesnt matter if you pay or not. Buy boosts or not. You can go on a losing streak after dropping 300 USD or you can go on a winning run after doing nothing for 1 week.

Its not greed anymore. Its just a code that has gotten out of hand.


I have not had much trouble with MM. I spent boosts 1.0 unboosted in lower Lockwood Estates. With the introduction of Boosts 2.0 I moved into upper Aviary. Hit an unboosted high of 4924 and a few folks who live in the Library introduced themselves and sent me back to the 4800 range.

All my matches were with folks showing a high trophy count higher than mine, but that doesn’t mean, much. They ranged from 5124 to 4874. I did get matched with a few 5+ level higher opponents, which is to be expected at the high trophy count of my range. But I also have been matched with folks 2+ levels lower when I hit my low trophy count.

Yeah, there were some opponents with highly boosted critters. Others who were slightly boosted or non-boosted also. Very few of my matches have been blow-outs ether way. I expect to have some, just the way different folks boost and which side of my trophy count they come from. If they are lower, I have the advantage. If they are higher, they have the advantage. Overall most of my matches have been pretty good.