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Garrett (latest chapter spoilers)

Ugh! I hate that the MC got scared and ran. I didn’t want to run away! I want to be a part of that sweet perfect family!

This is what I voted for when I wanted more choices. I didn’t want to be a needy, controlling shrew with Jonathan and I didn’t want to run from Garrett!

Also that ice cream sounded amazing!


I agree! The MC handled it way badly. I thought happiness would be the result. Seems I was mistaken.


I have matched with Rory, but it’s the same.
Oh, I got so mad!! Especially since the choices I made did not really fit with the ending. I mean I would expect that maybe Amy would be a little iffy about the whole thing, which would’ve been understandable, but not MC.
I just hope it will not take ages for another update.
We are not here for cliffhangers (looking at you Damien) or drama only. We also like a nice wholesome story, with a nice wholesome ending.



I feel the same way. The whole situation just felt odd :confused:

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Exactly!! The issue I found was that yes there where some options that could lead down that path and fair enough if someone choose them. But considering that the other options where not, it felt very odd. Like we need to finish this update on a cliffhanger or uncertain note, because this will keep people coming back. Like no we need a wholesome story not everything needs to be drama all the time. Pretty disappointing. Hopefully this get resolved on the next update.


I get that Amys mom sacrificed herself for Amy and thats huge and would be totally hard to compete with. Maybe we are supposed to feel inadequate? Like we can’t meet their expectations?

I wish the story gave us more insight into where the fear came from.

Hopefully we get more this week or next. It seems to be that characters are on an every other week schedule.

The way it played out wasn’t my first choice but real life is complicated so I agree the story line should have some conflicts. Seriously, who wouldn’t be intimidated by the situation?!?

I wouldn’t. Cause I’m a friggin grownup who isn’t scared of commitment and has learned to communicate. And I do absolutely not appreciate not getting any choice at all. Ludia just made me act in a way I personally never would. And after telling Rory/Garret time and time again that he should stop pushing me away and running away and just COMMUNICATE instead it was even more ridiculous. That’s exactly the kind of repetitve and comepletely unnecessary drama that puts me off the game. Especially with matches like Rory/Garret, who I actually completely adore and who I only get back for two or three short chats every other week. The chats are few and far between but I still remeber what choices I made with him before. So don’t make me act like a complete douche when all I’ve chosen (and payed for btw) before said I want that commitment and finally a proper date with him. Why are the writers so scared of actually resolving a situation every now and then? Would it really be so bad to finish a couple of storylines at some point instead of just dragging them on and on and on…? This gets real old real fast.


I just had my overnight date with Garrett. They totally made up for it!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: