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Gastornis Tournament 09-17-21 09-20-21

The hype, I love this creature, finally I get to unlock a Savannah :grin:


OHHH YESSSS!!! Finally, one more to scratch off the list!! :partying_face:


Actually ludia messed up there so early reveal

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Good attack creature but it is surely one big glass cannon, at every evolutions even :joy: But i still think it is worth it to unlock this thicc terror bird


Thank god :pray: :sob:

This was the one I was hoping for, as it’s my last Ceno I need left unlocked.

After this I just have Plesiosuchus, Sinoceratops, and Pachyrhinosaurus left to unlock. This past year has been great, as I was able to unlock Dracorex, Eryops, Erlikosaurus, Nodosaurus, and Amargasaurus, which were all ones on my unlock list.

These 4 are the last ones I need to have unlocked all dinos.



How does one gain over a million DNA in 3 days, I need to know the secret?

adding to this ?

Another 300,000 DNA in less than a week and over 250,000 LP. please let us all in on how you do this, I could do so much more in the game, I feel like I am doing something wrong with my play style.


Race you to the milestone of “Unlocked all Tournament Creatures”… :crazy_face:
Left in mine (and @Aether_12’s, iirc) list are Gastornis, Plesiosuchus, Gillicus, Smilodon, Urtinotherium, Arctodus, Pachyrhinosaurus and Kelenken.


Busy weekend for me I guess, will b working to get this on both my game and d1s.

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Oh yes! I have one level 10 and even he is so useful, I really want this unlock. Although I remember seeing the pre-nerfed stats in one of @Sionsith 's posts, once upon a time he was even more awesome.

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Please do share your secret

@Sionsith how much DNA was that level 40 Indoraptor worth?


I’d win then, because:

I’d knock out the Ceno goal after I unlock Gastornis :stuck_out_tongue:

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IIRC every 10 levels the dna sell price doubles.

(For example my L30 Spinotasuchus sells for 124,400 DNA, and divided by 4 (how many spinots it takes to get L40) is the base sell cost of 31,100)

So an Indo L40 if sold should pay out 320,000 DNA (40,000 * 8)


340,000 I guess they could have sold all of their indoraptors, typically they only keep the lvl 40,30,20,10 of each creature.


The Ludia confirms!



I think this is one of the worst creatures but I don’t have it unlocked so I’ll have to take part in this tournament unfortunately.

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I disagree, statwise its brilliant considering we have a lot of high health cavern creatures in the game, and its cooldown will be alot less than the vips and hybrids. Better than the other 2 savs imo.


I would add that he is also a splendid creature!


With all you seasoned players wanting this unlock, I guess there is no hope for players like me who has only finished in dominator since the metriacanthosaurus-tournament and almost only in 7-days tournaments. Back to predator league again I guess… :disappointed_relieved:

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Hard to tell. The Dominator/Predator split is often decided by forces beyond our control- I.e. it seems to be predetermined and what we do doesn’t affect it too much. Usually new creatures max out at 1700+ cups for bottom Dominator, old ones at about 1250. This might be somewhere in between because the unlock doesn’t come round often, but certainly worth a try.

Set yourself a daily total to aim at and go for it. Good luck.


Exactly. From my 12 indoraptors i sell 8 of them (all level 10s) to have level 40 30 20 and 10 then i sell all of the creatures that i have already in my paddocks. Some good ones like vip creatures and bad like commons and rares (and above). I’m not able to tell wich dinos specificly I’ve sell, but I sell all of them that add up to 1 mln dna. (I sell quite many superhybrids and normal tourney hybrids wich can give loads of dna)