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Gastornis Tournament 09-17-21 09-20-21

Which is only 320,000 DNA, basically only a third of a million.

Which sell for next-to-nothing in terms of DNA (5,000 DNA per L1).

The only S-hybrids worth selling are Spinotasuchus, Dimetrocarnus, and Diplosuchus.

Monostegotops sells for 12,000 DNA, Tapejalocephalus sells for 23,000, and Gigankly sells for 5,000, aka the 3 worst investments for DNA farming simply because of their cost vs the best 3 S-Hybrids to sell (because they are cheaper and/or yield higher amounts pf DNA per sell.

False, tourney hybrids when sold only sell for half their DNA cost. So you bought multiple copies of Tourney hybrids just to sell them at a reduced cost at a later date?

So all of that DNA, yet you still appreciate the 12,000 DNA per week from the VIP DNA facility? Even when you sit well over 1 million DNA? And why even stockpile over 1 million DNA instead of investing it elsewhere in your lineup? Seems off.

When did you start playing?


I thought you only kept 1 lvl 40, 30, 20, 10 of each creature, or at least that’s what I thought you said previously so I was surprised that you would have any number of creatures on hand to sell at one time.


100% confirmed!



@Tommy_Paoli how are you ok with this

Sorry, I don’t think I understand.

You said that I will do the next but I didn’t because someone else did it

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But I guess @Aether_12 had to take my spotlight

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It’s not about people “taking the spotlight” to create tournament threads. It’s a necessity to discuss a current game event which is not dependent on who creates said thread. If you are not quick to make a Thread, of course someone else would within then.


Little chicken confirmed. :chicken:
I don’t think I’ll finish in the tournament, however I will be finishing in Hunter or Predator this time round as I will need those cenozoics soon

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Who you calling little? :joy:



Gastornis Chickenos
Gastornis be like “now who you calling small huh?”
A world where chickens eats horses ( though that really isn’t a horse )


I think they were discovered to be herbivores, although I would not like to test that theory out and go near one :fearful:


I read before they eat horses so yeah…
The “danger chicken” :chicken:
I wonder if it will change my opinion on the modern - day chickens…:rofl:

2 words ludia. Acknowledge me.


for what? you seem to be venting with no information or context behind your posts which means no one can help your or sympathize with you if that is the appropriate move.


It’s the fact that it feels they want to send me matchups with a 000.1 percent chance to win at times. That particular matchup was much more difficult than it should’ve been due to how I set my lineup. Perhaps the order you set your dinos make the matchups harder?

I think the frustration started from this match up here.
Winnable or did I quit too quickly?

(post deleted by author)

Until you list the league and rank of the battle I am going to assume the game is acting appropriately and you are just not understanding the match making system. I have no choice with out the correct context behind the pictures, good luck with the tournament.


OK, I’m done for today, I used all my carnivores up to Indominus Rex level 30 in formation Fodder-Main-Fodder. Didn’t use any Ptero, Amphibians or Herbivore in tournament battles.

  1. There is a good news: it is actually POSSIBLE to get 1000 DNA in this tournament. If you don’t believe me - bellow is a screensoot! :stuck_out_tongue:
    And not only that, I have won two of them today - which is two more than I’ve got in entire week long tournament from last week :metal:

  2. Bad news is that I’ve had to work harder in order to win battles (also contrary to last tournament where it was much easier). Nothing impossible, but not a “walk in a park” either. I’ve lost two or three, but it was fun!

  3. I won Aquatic pack which is always welcomed prize!

Wish you all good luck with winning this terror bird :crossed_fingers: