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Gauntlet event missing

The Gauntlet event scheduled between 6-8 July has not appeared.

Go to ? from where you get Gobber’s Duties and enter from there.

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WTH? That’s HORRIBLE!!! Not only is that incredibly obtuse, it means there is no notification that a gauntlet is going on, nor is it possible to choose which gauntlet if there is more than one. Are they trying to get rid of the only brawl-related aspect of the game that isn’t a complete and utter turd? (Recent evidence of the awful ‘stamina’ system rather than lives certainly suggests ‘yes’…)

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I did get a notification that the gauntlet was available, but the gauntlet is not actually available. Sigh…

the same on me!

Now they are just teasing me. I got another notification that a gauntlet is available, but I still can’t access a gauntlet. Sadly, this seems to be just one bug among many that are showing up since the last update. I’ve never seen the forums so packed with people finding so many bugs, which means that these bugs are impacting how a lot of users are experiencing the game. I hope they get some fixes out quickly.

Omg thank you . I could not find it anywhere on sidebar

But I agree that’s awful that it’s that hard to find.

With the hot fix update, I can see the gauntlet!

“Gaunlet is coming, Jon Snow”