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Gauntlet resetting?

I’ve played through the first fight of the PvF gauntlet three times now (and the second-through fourth, twice). It seems like every time the game restarts, my progress is being forgotten? (And, for grins, I just restarted intentionally, and sure enough, back to the beginning…)

I’m definitely not imagining it; I have four rewards from the gauntlet, including two of the same mystery pack from after the first fight, sitting in my mailbox. (Ahem: make that five and three.)

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Hi there, @robocat3, I’m sorry to hear this is happening in your game.

For the sake of helping the investigation process, can you let me know specifically which Gauntlet it is that is resetting?


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It’s the (new) PvF (Protector vs. Furious) gauntlet, as I already said.


Same issue:exit game, gauntlet resets.

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seems to be resolved now - at least the gaunlet is gone in my game.
Update: its back, and not fixed. Is this a new way of doing gauntlets? :wink:

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Did I just repeat the survival Gauntlet from yesterday? Looks like the glitch is back. Note: yesterday I completed survival in one session today it was back (I think it was the same one) and I completed it again. Did doing it all at once keep the game from saving its state? Did getting the update afterwards create a one time glitch?

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