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Gauntlet Stamina Timer bug

Does anyone else get this problem?
The stamina timer should give one new stamina every four hours.

  • If I log out and back in before the four hours are up everything looks normal. The timer has kept running.

  • If I log in just before the four hours are up I can watch it go to 1s remaining and stay there until I log out and back in. When I log back in there is one new stamina and just under four hours on the timer.

  • If I wait, eg, one hour past the four hour mark, there will be 1 new stamina, but still just under four hours on the timer.

  • Over night the game will generate 2 or 3 stamina, but whenever I open the game for the first time in the morning the timer still seems to reset to four hours.

It looks to me like the first time you open the game after getting a new stamina point, the timer resets to four hours.

I don’t know how consistent this behaviour is, but it seems to be happening to me a lot. (Is it only when stamina was zero? - don’t know)

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I’ve seen it stop at values other than 1s also. Any sort of glitch, the timer starts at 4h. It’s been like this since stamina was introduced and apparently Ludia has no interest in fixing it.

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