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Gauntlet stamina timer missing

The new update erased the timer that appeared when 0/5 lives left and no new “lives” (or stamina) are added even after 4 hours. The costs of 5 lives are now 260 runes (previously 200 runes :slightly_frowning_face:) and there is an option for single stamina only costs 65) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow. It will take min 520 runes to finish. Does this pack worth it?

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Same here, it seems that they really want to make this a pay to play game. The final reward you get is a classical pack which means it won’t even be worth that much.

Every update limits you more and more on what you can do without paying. The dragons you have are limited unless you pay for the lightfury, getting legendary dragons is nearly impossible unless you pay for them because their collections are really hard to complete.
Even daily tasks for the gobbers pack is nearly impossible to complete since one of the requirements is to send a legendary dragon searching which the majority of non-paying users do not have.

There is really just not much you can do unless you are willing to pay.


Hello guys! I’m new to this part of the forum (I am mostly on JWTG) and have returned to Rise of Berk mainly because of a server error on JWTG which many players are experiencing.

Could you tell me more about the Gauntlet thing? I remember some things from when I played in 2017, but I forgot most of it. I am currently playing the gauntlet but the end reward is a Classic Pack or so. Could you fill me in?

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Firstly, welcome back to Berk Jurassic_Fury!
To further explain the Gauntlet Stamina: Stamina will work the same way Lives worked in the most recent update. At the beginning of a Gauntlet Battle, you lose 1 Stamina (the pools of Stamina are separate for each Gauntlet Event). Stamina SHOULD regenerate by 1 point every 4 hours, but there seems to be an issue with the timer at the moment. Usually, you would see the option to refill by 1 or 5 Stamina with Runes and you should also see a timer indicating when your Stamina will regenerate, in the same box. We encourage our players who are experiencing this issue to please contact our support team at with your Support Key so they can investigate this issue and assist you accordingly. Thanks for your patience and for having reached out to us here!


@Rose thank you! Happy to be back :smiley: