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Heya, I wanna ask -> is the gauntlet dragon’s level preset? Or is it set up according to my dragons levels? I am getting my ass kicked on the newest gauntlet, I’m having max. grade 6, one 7, and they come up at me with 3 dragons, 2 red types and one flyer, they deal awful damage, kill one of my dragons in the first round. Like… how am I supposed to beat them:?

They have grade 8-9 >.>

They are based off the level of your highest level dragon even if it isn’t on your current team. If you have a dragon at grade 10 but the rest are grade 8 or lower, all oppenents are based off that grade 10. Usually the last level is +2 levels above the highest level one you have.

The best thing to do is not raise the brawl level of any dragon above the highest that you have. If all dragons are grade 8 then none of your dragons are at a disadvantage.

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I see, I propably did a huge mistake, hah… I leveled toothless too much, because he didn’t have Berk dragon level limitation, while I have to level others above 24 to raise them to grade 7+

More specifically, take your three highest-level dragons (rarity doesn’t matter, a level-12 rookie is “better” than a level-11 champion), and never upgrade any dragon above the lowest level of the three.

I wish I’d known this a long time ago, before I started upgrading dragons thinking it would “help” :cry:.

(Note: in case it wasn’t obvious, brawl works the same way…)

I think it helps to raise your lowest level, because the relative difference between a 15 and a 13 is less than between a 9 and a 7, but I’m not even sure about that. (This would imply not leveling up any of your dragons until all, or at least most, of them at the lowest level can be leveled.)

Umm, just a question: How do I get some champion? For Example, I am in Arena 3, and everyone who I fight has Champion Catastrophic Quaken. How did they get it ? I am almost on the end of the arena, and I still didn’t get a single token for him.

The computer cheats; I’m not sure there are any restrictions on what dragons the computer can have, and there definitely are not restrictions on having them at sane levels. It takes a lot longer to level up a champion than other dragons, but the computer gets them at levels higher than your highest level.

The only way to get a champion you don’t have is to luck out into getting a token for that dragon. (AFAIK, though, at any given stage, you can still get tokens for any dragon in previous stages, including champions.)

hey @robocat3 and @Roxik
you open card packs to get the champion token
once you get the token you unlock the dragon on berk opposite to other dragons
the computer has an AI so they can have any dragon in that arena or arenas below but they have restriction to a fair battle system so their levels are definitely beatable
im may not be part of the ludia team but i know as i played since it came out