Gave this game a few weeks, and it just sucks

I really, really wanted to like this game because I’m a huge Dungeons & Dragons fan. The problem is this games design is one of the worst I’ve ever seen and even for mobile game it fails on so many levels to be fun and engaging. The artwork is really good, but the gameplay is boring, unbalanced, and comes across as poorly thought-out. The PVP in particular is laughably bad as you have no idea which characters you’re going in with, and it gets really old very quickly to have to switch to PVP gear especially not even knowing if that character is going to be selected. The combination of push and unable to move attacks against me constantly make for extremely boring PVP battles and the Dominate ability is way overpowered. The PVE questline sees you grind to a halt once you get around level 10 because enemies get ridiculously hard and will one shot kill your characters. The grind at that point is just too much, and it becomes obvious that you have to pour money into the game or wait forever to be able to level up. This game is such a disappointment. I’m just tired of rage quitting after trying to get some PVP based quests done and wasting my time with this game. I really hope that the Dungeons & Dragons license finds a better Studio to handle it.

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@CrimsonViper it is unfortunate the developers do not have as much passion for the brand as the players. Instead of continuing to create a feasible D&D product, the developer instead implemented revamped elements from other Ludia products into the app, seeming to care little if the elements were balanced, playable, or acceptable to the customers. I suspect this is why WoW has become a failed app, with Ludia moving much of the WoW team onto other projects.

This eventuality has been apparent since release. The developers have belligerently disregarded player comments and have erroneously stuck with their own abysmal PvP structure despite ongoing criticism from the remaining customer base.

With the volume of active players continuing to drop month over month, and the recent transference of key staff at Ludia, there is little chance WoW will endure. As such, I suspect the recent Silverscam events shall serve as the developer’s final effort to recoup development and implementation costs.

Based on initial impressions I believed this game would be a success. However, ongoing blunders and ineffective support has continued to frustrate and annoy passionate players, most driven away from this once promising app. Unfortunately, sage leadership, which is currently lacking, could have prevented this unfolding series of calamities. Perhaps lessons have been learned by the brand and the developer and future endeavors will be more bountiful. I continue to look forward to an acceptable D&D mobile product.


Let us hope we get something better. I for one would love them to re-release and adapt the old endless quests adventure books but in a digital format. That and a Pool of Radiance-style adventure.