Gave up tournament


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Just because you did not do as well as you want does not meant it is unfair. People need to understand that when things are fair it doesn’t mean that you get to win all the time. The % chance of stun is RNG so it’s across the board for everyone. It doesn’t favor anyone over you. People always assume that when things don’t go their way it automatically means it is unfair.


No comment any more…no meaning


Come on its unfair, cheaters are on the top and you can clearly see them


Don’t care what anyone says. The OP is spot on and it’s completely fixed…


I don’t think @T-Wrecked miss understood what you said. You said “So, currently 3620 trophies after 100 battles” and “unfair tournament”. Yes you mentioned that you didn’t get an epic incubator but the other things you said clearly indicate you think it’s unfair because you didn’t win.

This is a competitive game (unlike other games like Pokemon Go) not everyone is going to be a winner.


It’s pretty much a 50/50 chance of winning. Last night, starting at the 3500 trophies, I lost my first 3 or 4 battles in a row but then began to win one after another. This morning I battled once before work and won so now I’m at 3507. Yes, only 7 trophies from where I started. 50/50. Going to be a long way to hit that 4000 mark.


You’re contradicting yourself right there. Did you win half of your matches, or never win? The trophies you gain/lose depends on how many trophies your opponent has. If they’re lower than you, you’ll lose more when you lose a match. If they’re higher than you, you’ll only gain a little bit if you win. It sounds like you need some immune dinos on your team to stop the stuns. It works perfectly. And you need something with a nullifying attack to disable the cloak. I’ve been using Koolasuchus Gen 2 for that and it works great. And if it’s the same level as I-rex, Koolasuchus g2 will always win unless they land a critical hit. And why would you spend cash to speed up incubators if you’re having such a hard time getting them? It sounds like you have time to wait for them since you “never” win. That’s such a waste of cash.


Maybe its my fault… Ive fought about 10 times in the last 2 days and Ive gotten a 24hr and 5 8hr incubators… Luck o’ the draw I guess


Don’t give up Luke…I’ve had a situation a lot like yours. Played about 100 battles in the tournament, and after 3 days I’ve only gained 25 trophies…BUT right after I read your post,
I decided to do one more battle for the night and I just got a 24 incubator. Probably wouldn’t have played if I didn’t read your post. According to info on Metahub, there is a pattern to getting incubators. I’m not sure how accurate it is after the update, but if what they say is right, your 24 hr incubator might be coming.