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If you have Fury and an AOE item does Fury still allow two attacks?
Should it?

I have Owl Bear Skull (attack1 zone) and Mark of the Wounded Bear (Fury) When I proc Fury first and then AOE I only attack once.

I then tried Yeti Bone Hammer and when it did proc hitting attack zone there was not a second attack. I thought I found a cool combo but it does not seem to work?

Am I missing something??

That’s sounds like a glitch to me, Fury should make your weapon attack hit twice. It won’t work with the owl bear skull, as that’s a skill. I use it with the great Wolf’s Fury (legendary), lvl 2, I get 6 attacks when the weapon procs the red dice and Fury is active. One hit kill most of the time, it’s bonkers :smiley:

Yeti bone hammer on fury should hit the zone twice - I’ve seen others complain about it being used against them when dominated. I know it definitely works for the ranger.

Fury only affects basic attacks and their activated abilities. It does not affect the other abilities.

Note: counter attack uses the basic attack with activatable abilities, and so is also affected by fury.