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Gee, who to vote for?

Naomlen or Naomlen?

The tiefling.

It takes some doing to make me dislike a dwarf character, but this game has succeeded. Makes me glad we haven’t seen a gnome character yet.

Hmmm… I think… we’ll… maybe not.

Oh… what the hell. I’ll go with Naomlen.

Wait… can I take that back? Damn… this is harder than a I expected. Maybe Naomlen instead?

Right over Horke’s head! :joy:

Nah, I saw they both had the same name. I don’t like Naomlen, and I don’t know the tiefling’s name or class of the top of my head.

I’m not actually asking anyone to pick or give reasons. Just pointing out the error.
You can walk away without giving an opinion on a facetious question.

Thanks for letting us know!

FYI, I would vote for Farideh, as Farideh is my PVP champion. :star_struck:

Mine, too… to be honest.

I wouldn’t go that far, but she is my fourth strongest character.